Frequently Asked Questions

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Is it possible to enroll in your graduate courses if I am not a full-time student in your program?

As a research-based program, our graduate courses are available to full-time graduate students, with first priority to students enrolled in Psychology, and then by special request and approval to other full-time graduate students enrolled at Western University. On occasion, full-time graduate students from other Canadian universities are permitted to enroll in one of our graduate courses; however, this is a rare circumstance that must be arranged through the Visiting Graduate Students Program.

Can I meet the minimum program admission eligibility without an honour's degree?

To be considered for the graduate program in Psychology, you must have a degree with an emphasis on Psychology. This would be either:

     • MSc: An undergraduate honour's degree with at least 18-20 half courses in  Psychology courses, including research and statistics, and a thesis in Psychology.
     • PhD: A Master's degree with a thesis in an area of Psychology.

An equivalent undergraduate honour's degree is also accepted, this would entail at least 18-20 half courses in Psychology with an undergraduate thesis or independent study with an emphasis on research and statistics that involved data collection and a written submission. You may contact an undergraduate counsellor at your home university to find out how to achieve the required academic credentials.

In order to apply the Master's program, some of the research areas indicate that an honour's degree in Psychology, or a related field is required. What qualifies as a related field?

Clinical Psychology requires an undergraduate honour's degree in psychology. Other areas will consider an equivalent, at least 20 half courses, or 10 full courses in psychology, including research and statistics, and an undergraduate thesis that is psychology-focused.

Is an independent research study equivalent to an undergraduate thesis?

We require an undergraduate thesis or equivalent for admission to ensure that students enter our graduate program with the background experience in research needed to succeed in their graduate studies. While an honour’s degree in Psychology with a thesis is the most straightforward way to meet this requirement, the equivalent can be achieved through other experiences, such as independent study coursework that involved data collection and analysis, leading to a manuscript or other written report by the applicant (as lead author).  It is incumbent on the applicant to describe how their experience is equivalent to an honour’s thesis in their Statement of Interest.  Applicants seeking admission who do not have a thesis are encouraged to upload the written work that resulted from their independent studies as a supplemental attachment.


Can I exceed the 3-page limit for the Statement of Interest and are there specific page formatting requirements?

In preparing your Statement of Interest, please share the most pertinent information in a format and length that takes into consideration the large volume of letters that the selection committee will be reviewing. Please use your judgement in selecting a font and font size that will be easy to read, as well as whether you will choose to exceed the committee's preference that the Statement of Interest be 3-pages, double spaced.

Are GRE scores required?

As of 2022, we no longer require the GRE for admission. 

Do I need to submit official transcripts with my application?

Only unofficial transcripts are required at the time of application. If you are offered admission, your acceptance to the program is conditional upon receiving official transcripts prior to starting graduate studies in September.

Will I still be considered for admission if, by the application deadline, I am still working towards completing required courses that will not have a final grade on my unofficial transcript?

It is typical for applicants to apply during their final year of studies, so please upload your unofficial transcript(s) with your application, which will reflect which courses are still in progress. If you are offered admission, you will be provided with an opportunity to submit your official transcripts, due prior to starting graduate studies in September.

Can I apply for any scholarships at the time of my application?

Yes! Please visit to learn more about which scholarships you may be eligible to apply for. For example, Canadian applicants interested in the Master's program, may wish to consider applying for the Canada Graduate Scholarships - Master's competition. Both Canadian and international applicants of the Master's and Ph.D. programs can apply to the Ontario Graduate Scholarships competition.

Should I contact potential supervisors now and does someone have to agree to supervise me before I am accepted to the program?

You are encouraged to start contacting potential supervisors before the application deadline. This can start a conversation to help both of you determine if you will be compatible in their lab. It will also provide potential supervisors with a better understanding of your research ambitions when reviewing your application.

While you will be asked to identify potential supervisors on your application, you will not be required to confirm whether or not they will supervise you. This decision will be made by the potential supervisor as they review applications, after the application deadline.

What should I do if a potential supervisor is not listed in the online application?

Please email with your full name and the name of the supervisor you would like to request.

Is the Master's or Ph.D program offered online?

The MSc and PhD programs are not offered through distance studies or online, excepting temporary changes to courses due to COVID-related safety concerns.

Do you offer admission for September only?

Yes. We offer admission once each year, with new students starting on September 1st.

Can you transfer into Western's Psychology Program from another graduate program?

We do not accept transfers; however, applicants interested in pursuing their graduate research at Western can apply online, following the outlined process. Each application is considered on a case-by-case basis and eligibility will be considered accordingly.

Can my credentials be evaluated so that I can determine whether or not to apply to the program?

Credentials will only be evaluated after the application deadline, for applicants who submit an online application.

Does a three-year UG degree meet the admission requirement?

As per OURA, a 3-year degree from India is not equivalent to a 4-year Canadian Bachelor’s degree. Applicants who have been educated in India are required to have either a 4-year Bachelor’s degree, or a 3-year Bachelor’s degree and a Master’s degree.

May IELTS scores arrive after December 1st?

The application must be submitted by December 1st, but the language testing scores are now extended to December 31st and should be emailed to