Psychology Private Tutor List

Private Tutors

These tutors are not employed by the Department of Psychology so we cannot guarantee their performance. The arrangement you make, including any fees, is completely between you and your tutor.

Some of these tutors are course instructors or graduate teaching assistants (GTA). They are not able to tutor you in a course that they have been assigned as a course instructor or GTA. If the Department knows this is happening, both parties will be committing an academic offence and subject to severe academic penalties.

Please allow a 1-3 day reply time frame.  Be sure to place in the subject line: Tutor Assistance Request.

Tutor E-mail Research Cluster Courses
Joe Choi Industrial/Organizational research methods, stats
Rama Eloulabi Social first and second year courses in stats, methods, social and personality
Ana Ruiz Pardo Cognition 3800, 2800, 2820, 2135, 2070, 3723
Adira Daniel Social,Personality& Developmental all social psych courses, first and second year stats and methods
Darren Liang Cognitive, Developmental & Brain Sciences Research methods, statistics