Student Associations

Psychology Graduate Student Association (PGSA)
The Society of Graduate Students (SOGS)
PSAC Local 610 (GTA and Postdoc Union)

Psychology Graduate Student Association (PGSA). 

The 2020-2021 PGSA Executive may be contacted at Abbigail Kinnear, Cullen Mccurrach, Jocelyn Brown, Maria Besselink, Zhuo Li, and Samantha Jones.

Membership consists of all full and part-time graduate students in the Department of Psychology. The function of the Association is to establish a forum which encourages the discussion of matters of mutual concern to psychology students and to provide an organization which may represent student opinion. The Association may intercede on behalf of individuals and groups of students in the department on matters of policy clarifications, appeals, etc. SOGS allocates a small amount from the activity fee of every full-time graduate student in psychology each term. However, the actual amount of the cheque that PGSA receives each term depends on the percentage of attendance at the monthly SOGS meetings for that term.

The membership decides how the money will be spent, and additional money is sometimes granted from the department to organize special events, such as special colloquia. The members elect four persons as representatives to the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS), of which the Association is a member. The Association conducts these elections, and elections of graduate students to departmental committees, in the spring of each year.

The Society of Graduate Students (SOGS).

You have a voice, through your representatives, regarding issues affecting you from the campus, provincially, and federally. Please visit the SOGS’ website:

The general function of the SOGS as stated in the constitution of March, 1968, is "to give the graduate student a recognized organization to voice their opinions within the university," and "to promote friendship and cooperation among members of the various departments." All full-time graduate students, with the exception of those students registered in courses leading to degrees in Business Administration, are automatically members of SOGS.

The governing body of the Society is an executive consisting of elected officers and representatives of each department. The departmental representation is based on full-time graduate student enrolment and is determined during the week following Fall registration in the School of Graduate and Postdoctoral Studies. Each department elects at least one representative. The executive is responsible for matters of policy effecting the Society, for government of and regulations within the Society, and for the creation of working committees to deal with matters within the Society.

The Bus Pass. Each term, full time students can pick up their bus passes from the Society of Graduate Students (SOGS) office, Room 260, University Community Centre.  The Bus Pass could be available as early as the third week of the month before the beginning of the term.

Students may pick up the most recent London Transit Commission bus map from the Western Connections desk in the lower level of the University Community Centre. In addition, consider visiting the London Transit Commission website:

PSAC Local 610

The Public Service Alliance of Canada Local 610 represents over 1500 Graduate Teaching Assistants and Postdoctoral Fellows at Western University. Although the UWO-GTA Union is a Local of the Public Service Alliance of Canada (PSAC), GTAs and Postdoctoral Fellows establish the priorities and policies of the Local. Through periodic negotiations with the University, the Union established a collective agreement which defines GTA and Postdoctoral Fellow working conditions, compensation, and benefits. To view a complete copy of the agreement, go to PSAC Local 610 website:

PSAC Local 610 works to ensure that all the GTAs and Postdocs are aware of their rights under this agreement, and that the terms of the agreement are honoured by the employer. The Local provides assistance to individual GTAs and Postdocs in instances where the collective agreement is violated. The Local works with other groups in the University community to promote the concerns of GTAs and Postdocs, and to ensure that community concerns are reflected in the Union's policies and priorities. All GTAs and Postdocs at Western receive the rights and benefits associated established in the collective agreement negotiated by the Union with the University. All GTAs and Postdocs have the right to assistance from the Union when required. All GTAs pay Union dues. However, not all GTAs and Postdocs are members of the Local. Membership in the Union gives a GTA and a Postdoc the right to fully participate in Local elections and General meetings. There is no cost to Local membership. To join the Local one need only sign a union card. Union cards are always available on the GTA Union bulletin board across from the Psychology Graduate Program Office (Room 7406 SSC) or at the PSAC Local 610 office. GTA Contract and Duties Specification Letter.

In late August or early September, students with GTA assignments receive a GTA Contract and Duties Specification Letter.  MSc 1-2 and PhD 1-4 students also receive an Annual Financial Support letter.