Colloquium Speakers

The colloquia are held Fridays at 3:00 p.m.

The talk will be followed by a reception as noted in the reception/notes section.

Please click on the speaker's name and/or abstract to access more information.

Date Speaker/Institution Talk Title Reception/Notes
Nov. 13 Dr. Norman Farb
University of Toronto
Be Your Own fMRI: Parallels Between Buddhist Psychology and Cognitive Neuroscience Talk and reception to be held in Brain and Mind Institute Room 3000
Nov. 29 Dr. Kathleen Boies Leadership Development Outside the Classroom: Learning from Experience Talk to be held in UCC 41 with reception to follow at The Spoke
Jan. 23 Dr. Geoff Macdonald
Feb. 7 Dr. Jennifer Stellar
Mar. 27 Dr. Debra Titone
Apr. 24 Dr. Scott Lilienfeld

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