Colloquium Speakers

The colloquia are held Fridays at 3:00 p.m. in University Community Centre (UCC) Room 41 (Fall 2018) unless otherwise noted. Colloquia location for Winter 2019 is UCC Room 146.

The talk will be followed by a reception at The Spoke unless indicated otherwise.

Please click on the speaker's name and/or abstract to access more information.

Date Speaker/Institution Talk Title Reception/Notes
Sept. 14 Dr. David Buss
(University of Texas, Austin)
Human Mating Strategies
Oct. 26 Dr. Claus Vogele (University of Luxemborg - Campus Belval) CANCELLED
Nov. 9 Dr. Angela Book (Brock University) Psychopathy and Fear Enjoyment: Rethinking the Low Fear Hypothesis
Feb. 1 Dr. Kang Lee (University of Toronto) How children learn to tell lies Reception to follow at The Wave
Mar. 1 Dr. Alice Eagly (Northwestern University) Gender stereotypes have changed but the changes are surprising
Mar. 22 Dr. Abigail Marsh (Georgetown University) The altruistic brain Reception to follow at The Wave
Apr. 5 Dr. Aidan Wright (University of Pittsburg) The Clinical Baby and the Diagnostic Bathwater No reception
Apr. 12 Dr. Meg Schlichting (University of Toronto) Linking memories in the brain: Using neuroimaging to understand memory and its development

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