Volunteer & Employment Opportunities


Volunteer in a Psychology Research Lab! 

  • Want to understand what makes people tick?
  • Want to see whether research is something you might like to do BEFORE you complete an honours thesis and apply to grad school?
  • Interested in getting to know the work being done in different Psychology labs on campus?
  • Want to gain volunteer experience for your co-curricular record at the same time that you volunteer in a lab?

Many labs in the department offer volunteer positions that the student experience center recognizes as part of the enhanced co-curricular record. 

How to Apply: 

1) Arrange a volunteer term. 

  • Email a potential supervisor to arrange a meeting.
  • Most labs require at least a basic level of research methods training. If you are a Psychology major, this includes courses such as 2800, 2810 and 2820. If you are from another department, or haven’t yet taken those classes, ask your potential supervisor what they require. They may ask to see your unofficial transcript before making a decision.

2) Once you have a volunteer term arranged, complete the volunteer contract

You and your supervisor are both required to sign the contract. 

3) Register as an “associated person”. 

Forward the completed contract to the appropriate department administrator:

For supervisors located in the Social Science Centre or Westminster Hall please contact:
Nancy Nuzum
Social Science Centre, room 7400

For supervisors located at WIRB please contact:
Florence Lourdes
WIRB, room 3184

4) Complete Human Resources Request for Personal Information 

Shortly after submitting your volunteer contract to the appropriate administrator you will receive an email to the account you provided on your volunteer contract form from Western Human Resources asking you to complete an online submission providing personal information.  Please ensure that you complete this process prior to the deadline provided by Human Resources.  If you do not complete this process within the specific timeline set your volunteer appointment will be voided and you will not be authorized to work in the lab. 

5) Mandatory Training Requirements 

  • Provincial and National law requires that you complete certain training prior to being authorized for a volunteer position. The University has developed a series of online courses to help you meet these training needs. You will be responsible for completing any and all required training including, but not limited to the following online training courses:
    • WHMIS
    • Worker Health and Safety Awareness Training
    • Safe Campus Community – Preventing Harassment, Violence, and Domestic Violence at Western
    • Accessibility in Service
Online access to these courses will be available to you via OWL once your volunteer appointment has been processed by Human Resources. To access online training, please visit: http://www.uwo.ca/hr/learning/required/index.html
  • Ask your supervisor if there are any additional training sessions required for your role based on the lab you will be working in (e.g., some labs require training in hazardous waste management).
  • Provide your training certificates to your supervisor.


Visit current opportunities on this page:  http://www.psychology.uwo.ca/undergraduate/volunteer_opportunities/currentopportunities.html and apply directly

Information for students interested in Western Undergraduate Summer Research Internships

Students interested in Western Undergraduate Summer Research Internships (USRI) can click the link in the left menu or go to: https://www.psychology.uwo.ca/undergraduate/volunteer_and_%20employment_opportunities/usriprogram.html

Information for students considering volunteering with external agencies to support Covid-19 response

Dear learners,

As you may know, there are an increasing number of requests from government, professional bodies, and private and public entities to medical schools, student leaders, student organizations and individual students to volunteer in a variety of roles that are rapidly evolving from the COVID-19 pandemic. We know that many of you are committed to helping others respond to COVID-19. Some of you are seeking volunteer opportunities in active health care environments (e.g., door-screening at health clinics). Others are offering assistance to health care professionals who may be at a higher risk of exposure and need assistance (e.g., providing childcare for medical professionals in our affiliated hospitals) or with potentially affected community members (e.g., assisting isolated and vulnerable seniors).

Your commitment to public service is commendable and as well as your support to the broader efforts to combat the COVID-19 virus. Please know however that there is no expectation from us that you participate in these activities. If you wish to volunteer, you must make your own decision about what level of risk you are willing to accept. As future health professionals, we know that you will make responsible decisions.

The purpose of this email is to give you some general information, should you decide to engage in these activities, so that you can make informed decisions and keep yourselves as safe as possible.

Specifically, we want you to know that these volunteer opportunities are independent of academic studies and the University, even if the activities take place on sites that are affiliated with the University (e.g. affiliated hospitals or with academic appointees requesting volunteers). As a volunteer, the University’s insurance coverage, WSIB coverage through the University (including the coverage applicable during student placements), financial support, or logistical support would not be available to you.

Unless the organization or site at which you are volunteering makes it available to you, as a volunteer, you may only be covered in case of injury or illness in the course of volunteering through OHIP/UHIP and your extended health coverage plan, if you have one.

Before volunteering, you may wish to ask some questions of the volunteer site such as what does the role entail? What training and supervision will be offered? What is the likelihood of your exposure to the COVID-19 virus? What personal protective equipment will be provided to you? What health or personal injury benefits will be provided to you in the event that you become ill or injured while volunteering? What insurance covers you in the event that someone is injured by you? These are but a few of the questions you could ask to ensure your safety and well-being.

Please make sure to protect yourself, to follow public health advice, and to inform yourself of the potential risks of any volunteer opportunity. We wish you all good health.