The following list represents a sample of alumni that have completed their graduate studies or post-doctoral training in the Social, Personality and Developmental Psychology Cluster at Western University. Our alumni have successfully accepted jobs in academia, government, and industry:

Kelly Barnes - Ontario Government, Policy Reduction Strategy, Policy Development Intern
David Bell - King's University College, Lecturer
Caroline Bennett-AbuAyyash - Mt. Sinai Hospital, Health Equity Project Coordinator 
Penny Blackwood
 - Department of Alumni Relations and Development, Memorial University, Director
Anthony Bogaert - Brock University, Professor
Teresa Borja-Alvarez - Universidad San Francisco de Quito, Professor
Paula Brochu - Nova Southeastern University, Assistant Professor 
Melissa Brouwers - McMaster University, Clinical Epidemiology and Biostatistics, Director
Bethany Butzer - Yale University, Postdoctoral Fellow 
Mitchell Callan - University of Essex, Assistant Professor
Irene Cheung - Huron University College, Western University, Assistant Professor 
Kimberly Clow - University of Ontario Institute of Technology, Associate Professor
Paul Conway, Florida State University, Assistant Professor 
Henry Danso - Messiah College, Associate Professor
Kathy Denton - Douglas College, President and CEO
Amanda DeVaul-Fetters, United Way of Kansas City, Research Director 
Karen Dickson - Government of Newfoundland and Labrador, Women's Policy Office, Senior Policy, Planning, and Research Analyst
Tara Dumas - Huron University College, Assistant Professor
Wendy Ellis - King’s University College, Associate Professor
Joan Finegan - The University of Western Ontario, Associate Professor; Associate Dean, Faculty of Social Science
Donna Garcia - California State University, San Bernardino, Associate Professor 
Carolyn Hafer - Brock University, Professor
Adam Hahn, University of Cologne, Assistant Professor 
Steve Hanna - McMaster University, Associate Professor
Graeme Haynes - St. Francis Xavier University, Assistant Professor 
Gordon Hodson - Brock University, Associate Professor
Sandra Houston - Health Canada, Research Director
Corey Issacs, Fanshawe College, Lecturer 
Lynne Jackson - King's University College, Western University, Associate Professor
Leslie Janes - Brescia College, Western University, Associate Professor
Gillian King - University of Toronto, Bloorview Research Institute, Associate Professor and Canada Research Chair
Jonathon Kovacheff - Private Practice Consultant
Sandra Lackenbauer - Fanshawe College - Assistant Professor 
Andrea Lawson - Mount Sinai Hospital, Senior Research Coordinator 
Etienne LeBel - University of Western Ontario, Postdoctoral Fellow 
Gregory Maio - University of Wales at Cardiff, Professor
Tara Marshall - Brunel University, Assistant Professor
Matthew Maxwell-Smith - Western University, Visiting Professor
Ken Meadows - Western University Teaching Support Center, Educational Researcher
Stelian Medianu - Immigration, Refugees and Citizenship Canada, Research Analyst
Mike Morrison, King’s University College, Western University, Assistant Professor
Elise Percy, North Central College, Assistant Professor
Kurt Peters - Norwich University, Assistant Professor 
Curtis Phills, University of North Florida, Assistant Professor 
Grace Pretty - University of South Queensland, Associate Professor
Jesse Preston - University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign, Assistant Professor
Kimberly Quinn - DePaul University, Associate Professor
Neal Roese - Northwestern University, Professor
Chris Roney - King's University College, Western University, Associate Professor
Erin Ross - Atkinson College, York University, Associate Professor
B.J. Rye - St. Jerome’s College, University of Waterloo, Associate Professor
Antoinette Semenya - City of Vancouver, Public Engagement 
Paul Shuper, University of Toronto, Assistant Professor 
Monika Stelzl - St. Thomas University, Associate Professor
Alina Sutter - University of Western Ontario, Postdoctoral Fellow
Andrew Szeto - University of Calgary, Postdoctoral Fellow 
Scott Veenvliet - Fanshawe College, Assistant Professor
Chris Wilbur - University of Wisconsin - Marathon County, Assistant Professor 
Yang Ye, Ghent University, Postdoctoral Fellow