Therapy for Students

Students may be interested in seeking psychotherapy for themselves during their clinical training, and we feel it is appropriate for them to do so. In some cases, therapy might be recommended to a student to help resolve issues that seem to interfere with personal or professional development (see also Personal Problems and their Potential Interference with Clinical Work).  We want to emphasize that, even in the absence of impaired performance and overt difficulties, psychotherapy can be very helpful for both your personal and professional development.

It is the policy of the program that no student enter a therapeutic relationship with a core clinical faculty member, nor a current clinical supervisor.

Psychotherapy is available to you at Western University's Western Health and Wellness at no charge. Moreover, there is a list of private practitioners in the London area who are willing to see students in our program at a reduced fee. The Clinical Student Advisory Committee (CSAC), which assembles the list, updates it annually and sends clinical students a link to the updated document at the onset of each academic year. Feel free to talk to the Director of the Clinical Program, your research or clinical supervisor, any other clinical faculty members, or your peers for more information. You should be aware that any information about your therapy cannot be released to the clinical program without your written informed consent.