PhD Degree

The departmental minimum course requirements for the Ph.D. degree is 4 substantive half-courses (areas may have additional course requirements).  Psych 9380: Clinical Proseminar is not included in the count of substantive courses.  All other graduate courses (including all clinical theory and practica courses) are included in the substantive course count.  The Ph.D. comprehensive exam requirement is not listed under a course number and thus are not part of the count of substantive courses. Any extra relevant courses completed during the Masters may be credited towards these Ph.D. course requirements.  

Students entering our Ph.D. Clinical Program must meet all Master's level requirements for our program.  Thus, if Psychology 9540 (or its equivalent) has not been completed during the student's Master's program, it must be completed during the Ph.D. 1 year.  Furthermore, students entering our program at the Ph.D. level from a  Master's program elsewhere may be required to take both Professional Foundations courses (Psychology 9300 and 9301). Finally, students entering at this Ph.D. level may be required to take additional courses covering Assessment, Psychometric Theory, and Psychopathology (adult or child).  

Students must attend and participate in all clinical workshops and brownbags throughout their Ph.D. level training, until applying for residency. This is accomplished by enrolling in Psychology 9380: Clinical Proseminar during each year in the Ph.D. program.

Ph.D. 1 Year  

a.  Clinical Area Comprehensive Examination. Note: Can be completed either in Year 1 or Year 2 of Ph.D. program.
b.  Ph.D. Thesis Research (starts upon entry to the Ph.D. program).
c.  Initial Intervention practicum (typically starts in the fall of the Ph.D. 1 year).
d.  At least two graduate half courses in the clinical area (one of these may be the initial intervention
e.  Possible completion of a cognate course requirement (if still needed).

Ph.D. 2 Year and beyond  

a.  Ph.D. Thesis Research (continues each year) The Psychology Department Graduate Supervision web
     document notes that "Ph.D. students should complete (and have accepted) a Ph.D. proposal no later
     than the end of  their Ph.D. 2 year".
b.  Further courses in the clinical area, one of which must be an evaluation/research methods course, and
     one of which must be an Intervention Theory course.
c.  Completion of any remaining cognate course requirements if still needed (social, individual differences,
     cognitive/affective, and biological bases of behavior).
d.  Completion of all practica and internship requirements.
e.  Completion of history and systems requirement*

*  if not yet completed