Information on Scholastic Offenses

The regulations and policies concerning scholastic offences for students in the Clinical Psychology Graduate Program are the same as those for graduate students in the Department of Psychology, and more generally, for all graduate students at Western.  Examples of various scholastic offences (e.g., plagiarism, cheating, falsifying academic documents), the procedures for dealing with suspected offences, penalties for scholastics offences (e.g., reprimand, failing grade, expulsion), and the appeals process for scholastic offences, are detailed in the Faculty of Graduate Studies Calendar (Section 10: Scholastic Offences - Click on Link Below) and the University Secretariat Handbook of Academic and Scholastic Policy (Scholastic Discipline - Click on Link Below).  The Ombudsman office at Western also provides a very useful document on scholastic offences (Cheating, Plagiarism and Other Scholastic Offences - Click on Link Below).  

 List of Documents available on the Western Web   
Scholastic Offenses
Scholastic Discipline
Cheating, Plagiarism and Other Scholastic Offences (Ombuds Office at Western)