Program Expectations Concerning Rate of Progress of Students

Masters Degree   

All Masters thesis and course requirements should be completed, at the maximum, within 6 full-time terms from entry into the program (i.e., within 2 years total). It is expected that, upon arrival in the program, Masters students will immediately begin work on their thesis project. Furthermore, it is expected that students will make substantial progress on their Masters thesis research during the summer term following their Masters year 1.

Clinical students are strongly encouraged to complete the Master's oral thesis examination by not later than the middle of the 6th term of study (i.e. during  June or early July of the 2nd year of the Masters).  This timeline should be followed as it is difficult to get oral examination committees together during the period from July 15 to August 24 of each year.

Ph.D. Degree

All Ph.D. thesis and course requirements should be completed within a maximum of 4 years from entry into the Ph.D. program. Year 5 of the Ph.D. program is then used to complete the year-long internship.

With respect to dissertation research progress, it is expected that clinical students will meet the following timetable:

Ph.D. Year 1
◦Complete thesis literature review and problem formulation.
◦Complete initial formulation of research design.
◦Select and consult with Ph.D. advisory committee.

Ph.D. Year 2
◦Complete thesis proposal meeting.
◦Begin experimentation/data collection.

Ph.D. Year 3
◦Complete experimentation/data collection.
◦Begin write-up of dissertation.

Ph.D. Year 4
◦Complete write-up of dissertation.
◦Complete program and FGS oral.

Ph.D. Year 5
◦Complete 1 year predoctoral internship.

Periodic Evaluation of Thesis Progress   

The clinical faculty evaluate students' thesis progress at least two times per year (January and May). The January evaluation does not result in written feedback to students unless concerns are evident (i.e., failure to meet deadlines, or a need to set deadlines). The May evaluation is a formal evaluation, with written feedback to students.