Clinical Brownbags and Workshops: General Information

A series of brownbag meetings and workshops are provided for clinical students during each academic year. The brownbags are one-hour meetings scheduled during the lunch hour from September to April inclusive (with about 6 brownbags in total per year). Presentations at the brownbags focus on clinically relevant topics, as well as other issues of relevance to clinical students (e.g., applying for an internship, writing skills and career opportunities). Workshops are usually scheduled for an entire day, with one workshop in the Fall term and one in the Spring term.  The workshops provide more intensive coverage of various topics relating to clinical practice with particular theoretical approaches, modalities, and client populations (e.g., marital therapy, short-term psychodynamic therapy, cognitive therapy for personality disorders, etc.). Brownbags and workshops are presented by adjunct clinical faculty, core faculty, or other guest speakers. The topics and scheduling of these meetings are determined by the Clinical Student Advisory Committee (CSAC), in conjunction with the clinical program director.

The purpose of the brownbags and workshops is to augment the training in clinical theory, research, and practice provided by the formal courses and practica taken by students. As such, these meetings are considered to be an integral part of the clinical program, and clinical students are therefore expected to attend all brownbags and workshops offered during each year that they are enrolled in the program (except the internship year). The brownbags and workshops are part of Psychology 9380: Clinical Psychology Proseminar.