Dr. Susan Pigott

Private Practice

370 Queens Avenue, Suite 103
London, ON  N6B 1X6
Telephone: (519) 439-5114 
Email: susan.pigott@gmail.com

Clinical interests: Neuropsychological assessment of children, adolescents and adults with moderate to severe brain injuries. I provide consultation to rehabilitation teams, lawyers and insurance companies. My primary focus in private practice is working with rehabilitation teams with respect to assessment and providing recommendations to educational and/or vocational reintegration of clients with severe brain injuries.

Topics for workshops, seminars: I would be interested in teaching a course in clinical neuropsychology. I would also be interested in giving workshops/brownbag seminars on (1) Adult Neuropsychology (2) Pediatric Neuropsychology/The Developing Brain and (3) Private Practice - Medico-Legal/Ethical Issues (4). Neuropsychological assessment of children and adults with traumatic brain injury (5) Issues in pediatric neuropsychological assessment (6) The role of a neuropsychologist in the rehabilitation of children and adults with traumatic brain injury.

Type of clinical practica: Advanced assessment

Types of clients: Child; Adolescent; Adult

Modality: Individual

Theoretical orientation: Other (Neuropsychology)

Types of client problems: Intellectual disability, Communication disorder, ADHD disorder, Learning disorder, TBI, epilepsy, Adjustment disorders, Neurocognitive disorders

Type of supervision you can provide: Student describes case

Recent students: N. Maiolino (2014); C. Cutler (2015); D. Ladowski (2015/2016); M. Tomlinson (2016) and S. Ouellette (2016/2017) 

Current students: A. Newton (2019)

Clinical contact: Available

Research interests: The effect of early brain injury on the developing brain. The impact of severe traumatic brain injury on executive functioning, attention and memory.

Available to supervise: Yes

Constraints: Available to supervise from September 2018 - August 2019.

Last updated: May 21, 2019