Dr. Patricia Jordan

Child and Parent Resource Institute

600 Sanitorium Road
London, ON  N6h 3W7
Telephone: (519) 858-2774, ext. 2006
Email: patricia.jordan@ontario.ca

Clinical interests: I provide tertiary level services for children and adolescents both on an inpatient and outpatient basis. Inpatient clients present with a broad range of presenting concerns and comorbidities. Many present with a history of complex trauma. Disturbances in personality functioning, suicidality, and self-injurious behaviour are common presenting concerns in adolescent clients. I work within an interdisciplinary team to provide comprehensive assessments. I often provide individual and group treatment. I provide consultation regarding treatment planning to community care providers. I also support the residential unit with respect to programming and provide oversight of work done by front line counsellors. I also provide assessment and consultation services to an outpatient clinic that supports youth who present with problematic sexualized behaviour. Assessments are multi-modal. I have an integrative approach to individual therapy and adjust according to the needs of the client (CBT, DBT-informed, interpersonal, behavioural). I incorporate mindfulness skills as appropriate. I also often provide parent training/parent guidance from either a behavioural or cognitive behavioural perspective, or from an attachment-informed or trauma-informed perspective (depending on the needs of the client and family).

Topics for workshops, seminars: The role of psychology in tertiary level services; Trauma informed care; Assessment and treatment of problematic sexaualized behaviour in children and adolescents; Sexualized behaviour in a digital world; Assessment and treatment of non-suicidal self injurious behaviour  

Type of clinical practica: Advanced Intervention; Advanced Assessment

Types of clients: Children; Adolescents

Modality: Individual; Group

Theoretical orientation: Integrative (CBT, DBT, Interpersonal); Trauma-informed and attachment-informed

Types of client problems: Complex comorbid presentations; range of intellectual functioning; complex trauma, disruption of attachment, emerging personality disorders; sexualized behaviour

Type of supervision you can provide: Student describes case to you; You review audiotape w student; You review videotape with student; Co-therapy/Co-interview; You observe student live 

Recent students: B. Grant 2016

Current students: C. Sarmiento (2019); M. Ritchie (2019)

Clinical contact: Available

Research interests: I have an interest in program evaluation and am currently involved in examining some date regarding the outcomes of the comprehensive assessments provided by the Sexual Behaviour Team.

Available to supervise: Yes

Constraints: Available to supervise from September 1, 2019 - February 28, 2020.

Last updated: May 17, 2019