Dr. Kelly Benn

Private Practice

682 Huron Street
London, ON N5Y 4J8
Telephone: (519) 433-3733
E-mail: dr.benn@bennpsych.ca

Clinical interests: I work with a broad range of clientele from the community and referred by medical/health professionals. Clinical issues include: anxiety, depression, chronic pain/illness, head injury/cognitive disruption, PTSD, phobia, Dissociative Identity Disorder, relationship issues, grief, anger management, low self-esteem, stress, child/adult trauma/victimization, etc. My theoretical approach is eclectic with main influences of cognitive-behavioural, experiential, and dynamic/self-psychological theory. I am also trained in the provision of EMDR treatment and Cognitive Processing Therapy (CPT). I provide individual and group format services for adults in the areas of clinical, health, and rehabilitation psychology, and with children in the areas of health and rehabilitation. I also provide services in the area of career/work counselling assessment.

Topics for workshops, seminars: Pain coping: Working with mTBI; Intro to Psychopharmacology/Integration with Psychotherapy

Types of practica: Advanced Intervention

Types of clients: Adult

Modality: Couple; Individual

Theoretical orientation: Cognitive Behaviour; Eclectic; Humanistic; Interpersonal Process; Psychodynamic; EMDR, CPT

Types of client problems: Depressive Disorders; Anxiety Disorders; Obsessive-Compulsive and Related Disorders; Trauma- and Stressor-Related Disorders; Somatic Symptom and Related Disorders

Type of supervision you can provide: Student describes case; Review videotape with student; Co-therapy/Co-interview

Recent students: S. Montgomery-Graham; C. Hahn; S. Ouellette; C. Cutler

Current students: A. Doust (2019-2020)

Clinical mentor (formerly clinical contact person): Available

Available to Supervise: No

Constraints: Available to supervise one student in Advanced Intervention from September 1, 2020 - July 15, 2021.

Research interests: Not currently involved in research.

Last updated: Sept 2, 2020