Dr. Rod Balsom

St. Joseph's Health Care London - Parkwood Institute

Operational Stress Injury Clinic
P.O. Box 5777, Station B
London, ON N6C 0A7
Telephone: (519) 685-4292, ext. 42240
E-mail: rod.balsom@sjhc.london.on.ca

Clinical interests: Treatment of PTSD and other psychological difficulties (frequent comorbid depression, anxiety and substance abuse) within the veteran and RCMP population. In my role, I provide intervention (both individual and group) and assessment services to outpatients. The majority of clients at the OSI Clinic suffer from PTSD and a variety of specialized trauma-focused interventions (eg. EMDR and Prolonged Exposure) are employed to treat the traumatized individual. In addition, CBT-informed approaches are utilized to help stabilize symptoms and functioning prior to the onset of trauma-focused treatment.

A large portion of my role entails conducting disability pension assessments for Veterans Affairs Canada. These assessments are largely interview-based although there is the opportunity for some assessment of personality functioning (eg. PAI/MMPI) and structured assessment of PTSD (Clinician Administered PTSD Scale).

Topics for workshops, seminars: Assessment and treatment of PTSD; Working in forensic settings; forensic risk assessment; working with military and RCMP populations

Types of practica: Advanced practica

Types of clients: Adult

Modality: Individual; Group

Theoretical orientation: Cognitive behaviour

Types of client problems: PTSD; Depression; Anxiety; Substance abuse

Type of supervision you can provide: Student describes case; Co-therapy/co-interview; Observe student live

Recent students: B. Grant (2016); N. Maiolino (2015); C. Hahn (2015); K. Zhang (2014); M. Vandermeer (2016); S. Ouellette (2018); D. Walker (2018); A. Newton (2019-2020)

Current students: A. Newton (2019-2020)

Clinical contact person: Available

Available to supervise: Roster Full

Constraints: Supervises advanced students in Intervention.

Research interests: Not currently involved in research.

Last updated: Jan 20, 2020