MSc Degree Requirements

The MSc degree requires:

a) Students in the Masters program are required to take two half courses chosen from the list of "Fundamental'' courses in statistics, experimental design, and computational foundations. This can be satisfied either by taking 9540 (a full year course) or by taking 9040 and 9041 (each a half course). Individual research areas may have specific requirement as to which courses are appropriate, 

b) Two additional substantive half courses (to be approved by the supervisor, supervisory committee and Area)

c) Additional course work if required by the Area

d) Thesis

MSc candidates are required to complete a satisfactory thesis by August 31st of the year they intend to apply to and enter the PhD program or they will not be permitted to register as PhD candidates. In the event this deadline is not met, the student must register as second year MSc student. Admission to PhD will be permitted at the beginning of the following term if the MSc thesis is satisfactorily completed and the field and the program approval is forthcoming. If the thesis is not completed by the end of the Fall term, the student must apply by January 4 for PhD admission. An MSc thesis of high quality must be completed for admission into the PhD program.