Advanced Courses in Statistics, Experimental Design and Computational Foundations

Psychology 9040 Scientific Computing

Psychology 9041 Introduction to Data Management and Linear Modeling Using R

Psychology 9116 Cognitive Neuroscience of Event Related Potentials, Electroencephalography and Magnetoencephalography 

Psychology 9221 Introduction to Neural Networks (LEC)

Psychology 9223 Neuroimaging of Cognition

Psychology 9340 Clinical Research Methods

Psychology 9342 Psychotherapy Research

Psychology 9545 Test Construction and Survey Design

Psychology 9542 Multilevel Modeling

Psychology 9520 Computational Models in Psychology and Neuroscience

Psychology 9551 Experimental Design, Data Analysis, and Sample Size Calculation

Psychology 9552 Regression and Factor Analysis Methods    

Psychology 9555 Structural Equation Modeling

Psychology 9556 Longitudinal Methods

Psychology 9560 Open and Reproducible Science

Psychology 9631 Research Methods in I/O Psychology

Psychology 9702 Research Methods in Social Psychology