Advanced Courses in Statistics, Experimental Design and Computational Foundations

Psychology 9116A/B. Cognitive Neuroscience of Event Related Potentials, Electroencephalography and Magnetoencephalography 

Psychology 9223A/B. Neuroimaging of Cognition

Psychology 9340: Clinical Research Methods

Psychology 9342: Psychotherapy Research

Psychology 93XX: Qualitative Clinical Cognition Science and Assessment

Psychology 9343A/B: Formal Modeling of Individual Differences

Psychology 9431: Program Evaluation

Psychology 95xxA/B. Longitudinal Analysis

Psychology 95xxA/B. Meta Analysis

Psychology 9545A/B. Test Construction and Survey Design

Psychology 9542B. Multilevel Modeling (MLM)

Psychology 9520A/B. Computational Models in Psychology and Neuroscience

Psychology 9550A/B. Multivariate Analysis

Psychology 9555A. Structural Equation Modeling

Psychology 9631A/B. Research Methods in I/O Psychology

Psychology 9702A/B. Research Methods in Social Psychology