M.Sc. Graduates

2016 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Psychology
Name. (Supervisor, Area). Title of Thesis.

Emily. (Frewen, Personality and Measurement). Posttraumatic Substance Use Disorders (PTSUD): Perceived Causal Relations between Trauma-Related Symptoms and Substance Use Disorders.
Kristi. (Vernon, Personality and Measurement). The Dark Side of Jealousy.
Jordan. (Kohler, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Unravelling The Subfields Of The Hippocampal Head Using 7-Tesla Structural MRI
Kiersten. (Campbell, Social). Are you coming on to me? Accuracy and bias in couples' perceptions of sexual advances
Kimberly. (Reid, Clinical). Defining and Predicting Dropout from Children's Mental Health Services: A Novel Need-Based Definition Of Dropout.
ESPINOZA Mogollon,
Jose. (Meyer, Industrial/Organizational). Goal Alignment: Construct Development and Measurement of a Moderator of Commitment.
Anita. (Saklofske, Personality and Measurement). The Influence of Self-Compassion, Compassion for Others, and Emotional Intelligence on Conflict Resolution Strategies.
Nicole. (Sherry, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Spatial Memory in Black-capped Chickadees: Studies of Adult Hippocampal Neurogenesis and Win-Shift/Win-Stay Spatial Search
Yixian. (Norman, Social). Effects of Value Reasoning on Stigmatization of People with Schizophrenia.
Kathleen. (Owen, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Towards the use of transcranial direct current stimulation to improve motor function.
Daniel. (Dozois, Clinical). Cognitive Schemas as Longitudinal Predictors of Depressive Relapse/Recurrence in an Undergraduate Population.
Rachel. (Saklofske, Personality and Measurement). Item Properties and the Validity of Personality Assessment.
Jeffrey (Nick). (Katz, Cognition and Perception). The Effects of Reading Metaphor on Perceptual Distance Judgments.
Valentina. (Owen, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience).Dancing in the Dark:Sleep-dependent Motor Skill Memory Consolidation and Periodic Limb Movement Disorder
Erin. (Hoaken, Clinical). The Relationship Between Executive Dysfunction and Criminality in Forensic Psychiatric and Correctional Populations.
Avital. (Owen & Grahn, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Classifying music perception and imagination using EEG.
Clint. (Esses, Social MER). Helping the Transition Through Building New Friendships: A Psychological Perspective on Supporting International Students' Acculturation and Social Integration.
Jeremy. (Owen, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Does Sleep Enhance the Consolidation of Implicitly Learned Visuo-Motor Sequence Learning?
 Claire. (Saklofske, Personality and Measurement). The Relationship between Emotional Intelligence, Resiliency, and Mental Health in Older Adults: The Mediating Role of Savouring.

2015 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Psychology

Anjana. (Saklofske, Personality and Measurement). Asking the Right Questions: Insights into Assessing Intercultural Sensitivity.
BAUGHMAN, Holly. (Vernon,Personality and Mearsurement). Relationships between the Dark Triad and Delayed Gratification: An Evolutionary Perspective.
BEUKEMA, Stephen.(Owen, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Event-related Potential Markers of Perceptual and Conceptual Speech Processes in Patients with Disorders of Consciousness.
CHEN, Samantha. (Saklofske, Clinical). A Latent Profile Analysis of Romantic Relationship Quality and Its Associations with Personality, Partner Support, and Psychological Well-Being.
CROSS, Alexandra. (Joanisse, Cognition). Eyetracking of Coarticulatory Cue Responses in Children and Adults.
CUTLER, Colleen. (Neufeld, Clinical). Addressing Very Short Stimulus Encoding Times in Modeling Schizophrenia Cognitive Deficit.
DALJEET, Kabir. (Goffin, Industrial/Organizational). Reactions to Negative Feedback: The Role of Resilience and Implications for Counterproductivity.
DaSILVA, Monica. (Archibald, Developmental). Prosody: An Important Cue to Word Learning.
EASTWOOD, Christina. (Meyer, Industrial/Organizational). The Impact of the Operational Environment on the Commitment Profiles of Canadian Armed Forces Soldiers.
FALLOWFIELD, Hayle. (Morton, Developmental). Variability in the Function of the Mesocorticolimbic System During Feedback Processing is Associated with Individual Differences in Children's Physiological Response.
GOFFIN, Celia. (Ansari, Developmental). Beyond magnitude: Judging ordinality of symbolic number is unrelated to magnitude comparison and independently relates to individual differences in arithmetic.
HOSSEINI-KAMKAR, Niki. (Morton, Developmental). Neural And Behavioural Responses To Rewards And Losses In Early Development: A Functional Magnetic Resonance Imaging Study.
JOHNSON, Victoria. (Hayden, Clinical). Biological and Contextual Predictors of the Stability of Behavioural Inhibition in Early Childhood.
MALTSEVA, Margarita. (Culham, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Congruent familiar size relationships decrease size contrast illusion.
MATSON, Steven. (Timney, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). The effects of alcohol on different classes of motion perception.
MONTGOMERY-GRAHAM, Stephanie. (Hoaken, Clinical). No Safe Base: An Attachment Theory Perspective on the Mediational Effects of Reappraisal and Resilience on the Well-being of Homeless Women in the Skid Row District of Los Angeles.
MOROZ, Sarah. (Campbell, Social). Discrimination is in the Eye of the Beholder: Perception of Discrimination and Microaggressions
NIELSEN, Emily. (Minda, Cognition). The Coffee Shop Effect: Investigating the Relationship between Ambient Noise and Cognitive Flexibility.
OSBORNE, Natalie.(Owen, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). An fMRI Study of Command Following and Communication Using Overt and Covert Motor Responses: Implications for Disorders of Consciousness.
OUELLETTE, Sarah. (Hayden, Clinical). Hair Cortisol Concentrations in High- and Low-Stress Mother-Daughter Dyads.
SANTERRE, Kelsey. (McRae, Cognition). "She will drive the ____": Verb-Based Prediction in Individuals with Parkinson Disease.
SINAI, Leah. (Owen, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Naturalistic paradigms for neuroimaging and bedside measures of conscious awareness.
SOKOLOWSKI, Helen. (Ansari, Developmental). Common and Distinct Brain Regions Support Numerical and Non-numerical Magnitude Processing: A Functional Neuroimaging Meta-Analysis.
SYNYAK, Kateryna. (Finegan, Industrial/Organizational). Exploring Relationships Between Resume Fraud and Individual Differences.
THORNLEY, Elizabeth. (Frewen, Personality and Measurement). Posttraumatic Eating Disorders (PTED): Perceived Causal Relations between Trauma-related Symptoms and Eating Disorders.
TOMLINSON, Monica. (Hoaken, Clinical). The Impact of Dialectical Behaviour Therapy on Aggression, Anger, and Hostility in a Forensic Psychiatric Population.
Chelsea. (Meyer, Industrial/Organizational). Motivation and Well-being: A Test of Self-Determination Theory Using a Person-Centered Approach.

2014 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Psychology

ANDERSON, Brittney. (Meyer, Industrial/Organizational). Psychological Contracts: A Feature Based Approach to Understanding Transactional and Relational Contracts.
CAMERON, Kyle. (Allen, Industrial/Organizational). Goal Orientation Heterogeneity in Teams: Investigating Implications for Individual Satisfaction with the Team and Team Conflict.
DUNPHY, Lauren. (Kohler, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). When faces "feel" familiar: The role of affective signals in face recognition.
GIAMMARCO, Erica. (Vernon,Personality and Measurement). The Development and Validation of a Multidimensional Measure of Moral Orientation.
GIBBINGS, Aaron. (Grahn, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). How attention and beat perception modulate neural entrainment to rhythm.
HAHN, Christian. (Reid, Clinical). Multi-sector Service Use by Children in Contact with Ontario Mental Health Agencies.
MAIOLINO, Nadia. (Kuiper, Clinical). The Integration and Evaluation of Humor and Positive Psychology Approaches to Well-Being.
McPHEDRAN, Mark. (Lupker, Cognition and Perception). The Effects of Semantic Neighborhood Density on the Processing of Ambiguous Words.
RNIC, Katerina. (Dozois, Clinical). Cognitive Predictors and Behavioural Mediators of Vulnerability-Specific Stress Generation in Depressed Adults.
SMITH, Martin. (Saklofske, Personality and Measurement). The Perfectionism-Psychological Outcome Link: The Mediating Effect of Personal Resiliency.
TOHVER, Gillian. (Saklofske, Personality and Measurement). Blame Recovery: Modeling the Effects Of Personality, Religious-spiritual Belief, and Gender On Blame Attributions and Psychological Wellbeing After A Failed Romantic Relationship.

2013 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Psychology

ARMSTRONG, Joel. (J. Olson, Social). The Moderating Effects of Target Status on the Relation Between Social Dominance Orientation and Fairness.
CHOI, Joseph. (J. Meyer, Industrial/Organizational). The Independence of Burnout and Engagement: Incremental Predictive Validity and Construct Reappraisal as Different Combinations of the Same Components (Energy and Evaluation).
DOYLE, Kevin. (R. Goffin, Industrial/Organizational). Subordinate Ratings: Balancing Accountability and Anonymity.
GUNAY, Barlas. (L. Swartzman, Clinical). The Effectiveness of Gain versus Loss Framed Advertisements in Moderating Binge Drinking Among University Students: A Regulatory Focus Approach.
HALLIDAY, Aaron. (M. Rothstein, Industrial/Organizational). Attributions & Resiliency: A Modeled Approach to Understanding Resiliency Using Causal Attributions.
KIRK, Chelsea. (W. A. Roberts, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Information Seeking in Rats on the Radial Maze.
NGUYEN, Tram. (J. Grahn, Cognition and Perception). Musical Mood and Arousal at Different Stages of Learning and Memory Performance.
NICHOLS, Emily. (M. Joanisse, Cognition and Perception). The influence of proficiency and age of acquisition on second language process: An fMRI study of Mandari-English bilinguals.
SEAH, Suzanne. (L. Zarbatany, Clinical). Socialization of Depressive Symptoms in Pre- and Early Adolescent Peer Cliques. 

2012 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Psychology
and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience with Psychology Supervisors 

ANDO, Eriko. (D. Jared, Cognition & Perception). Phonological Priming in Japenese-English Bilinguals: Evidence from Lexical and ERP.
HANNA, Brigitte. (E. Hayden, Clinical). Associations Between Maternal Personality and Parenting: A Multi-Informant Approach.
KISINGER, Kelly. (M. Rothstein, Industrial/Organizational). Job Search Experience Among Skilled Immigrants.
KOTELNIKOVA, Yuliya. (T. Vernon, Clinical). Reactive and Regulatory Temperament Traits as Predictors of Depressive Symptoms in Middle Childhood.
LEE, Helen. (N. Allen, Industrial/Organizational). An Investigation of the Effects of Self-Construal, Self-Monitoring, and Susceptibility to Emotional Contagion on Negative Mood Contagion.
MATEJKO, Anna. (D. Ansari, Developmental). Individual Differences in White Matter Microstructure Predict Mathematical Abilities.
PINK, Jennifer. (L. Campbell, Social). Attachment and Information Seeking Strategy Preference in Romantic Relationships.
RABI, Rachel. (J.P. Minda, Cognition & Perception). Rule-Based Category Learning in Children: The Role of Inhibitory Control.
ROTMAN, Jeff. (R. Sorrentino, Social).On the One Hand and On the Other: The Effect of Embodying Balance and Uncertainty Orientation on the Confirmation Bias.
SCHRAEDER, Kyleigh. (G. Reid, Clinical). Why Wait? The Effects of Waiting Time on Subsequent Help-Seeking Among Families Looking for Children's Mental Health Services.
TARRAF, Rima. (J. Finegan, Industrial/Organizational). Taking a Closer Look at Workplace Dimensionality and Source Effects.
WOODLEY, Hayden. (N. Allen, Industrial/Organizational). The Effects of Equity Sensitivity and Teamwork Self-Efficacy on Team Reward Preference.
ZALTZMAN, Alina. (P. Ossenkopp, Clinical). The Effects of Neonatal Immune System Activation with Lipopolysaccharide on Adolescent and Adult Anxiety Behaviours in Male and Female Rats.
ZHANG, Karen. (L. Swartzman, Clinical). Identifying and Understanding the Impact of Competing Goals on Self-Care Compliance Among Patients with Congestive Heart Failure.

2011 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Psychology

BEST , Caitlin. (Moran, Clinical). Infant Emotionality, Maternal Sensitivity, and Attachment.
BOYLAN , James. (Katz, Cognition and Perception). Pragmatics of Ironic Criticism.
CAIRD, Sara. (Martin, Clinical). Humour Sytle in Dating Relationships.
CLOUTIER , Caylen. (Ossenkopp & Kavaliers, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Simultaneous Conditioning of Anticipatory Nausea and Taste Avoidance and the Influence of Immune System Activation.
CREIGHTON , Laura. (Gawronski, Social). Persuasive Effects of Source Likeability on Implicit and Explicit Evaluations: The Role of Cognitive Elaboration During Encoding Versus Judgment.
DALKE, Kimberly. (Sorrentino, Social). Attitudes and Intentions Towards Ex-convicts: an Individual Difference Approach.
DUKE , Devin. (Kohler, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Emotion's Influence on the Evaluation of Familiarity.
FEENEY, Justin. (Goffin, Industrial/Organizational). Predicting Job Applicant Faking with Self-Control.
JI, Eugene. (Chen & Zarbatany, Developmental). The Social Behaviour of Shy Children in a Familiar Peer Group Context.
MACKRELL , Sarah. (Hayden & Vernon, Personality and Measurement). Longitudinal Associations Between Temperament, Social Competence, and Internalizing Disorders.
MCDERMOTT , Rebecca. (Dozois, Clinical). Attentional Bias' Causal Role in Depressive Sympotmatology.
MCLARNON , Matthew. (Rothstein, Industrial/Organizational). Development and Initial Validation of the Workplace Resilience Inventory: Evidence Supporting a New Model of Resilience.
MEPHAM , Jennifer. (Ossenkopp & MacFabe, Neuroscience). Time Course of Cognitive Deficits in PPA Rodent Model of ASD.
MILNE , Jennifer. (Goodale, Neuroscience). Effects of Object Connectedness on Rapid Reaching.
SMITH, Heather. (Hayden, Clinical). Genetic and Contextual Determinants of Effortful Control.
STANTON, Sarah. (Campbell, Social). Energized by Love: Physiological Consequences of Partner Reflection.
STRANG, Caroline. (Sherry, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Brain and Behaviour in Bumblebees (Bombus impatiens): Serial Reversal Learning and Adult Mushroom Body Development.
ZHAO, Siman. (Chen & Zarbatany, Developmental). Psychology and School Adjustment of Migrant Children in Beijing: The Interactive Contributions of Child Aggression and Parenting Styles. 

Fall 2010 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Psychology
and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience with Psychology Supervisors 

BOTHA, Francis. (D. Dozois, Clinical). Effect of Causal Explanations for Depression on Stigma.
CHOI, Po Yee. (A. Katz, Cognition and Perception). Film Footage and Source Monitoring on Memory for News Events.
EVRAIRE, Lyndsay. (D. Dozois, Clinical). The Origins and Dynamics of Excessive Reassurance Seeking.
FARRELL, Tara. (S. MacDougall-Shackleton, Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience). The Effects of Early Nutritional Stress on Physiology, Cognition and Song Production in European Starlings (Sturnus Vulgaris).
FERNANDO, Sherene. (B. Timney, Behaviour and Cognitive Neuroscience). Effects of Alcohol on the Perception of Visual Motion.
KHALKHALI, Saman. (K. McRae, Cognition and Perception). Ingegrative Event Priming.
KINAL, Megan. (L. Zarbatany, Developmental). Centrality as a Moderator of Group Influence.
KRYSKI, Katie. (E. Hayden, Clinical). Development and Validation of a Developmentally-Sensitive Task.
MEDIANU, Stelian. (V. Esses, Social). The Dehumanization of Refugees.
PURRING, Kevin. (L. Campbell, Social). Social Attention and Face Preferences in Person Perception.
SALISBURY, Claire. (W. A. Fisher, Clinical). Gender Differences Surrounding Coital Orgasm Occurrence.
SCHNEIDER, Travis. (R. Goffin, Industrial/Organizational). Perceived Ability to Deceive and Personality Testing.
THUSSU, Sheerin. (N. Allen, Industrial/Organizational). Member Familiarity as a Predictor of Team Adaptation.
WESTMAAS-SWEET, Laura. (D. Jared & M. Joanisse, Cognition and Perception). Effects of Semantic Transparency on Processing Comples Words.
WILK, Heather. (B. Morton, Developmental). Developmental Changes in Conflict Processing and Adaptation.
ZHOU, Chi Christy. (R.Goffin, Industrial/Organizational). Ratees' Perception of and Preference for Absolute versus Comparative Performance. 

Fall 2009 and Spring 2010 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Psychology
and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience with Psychology Supervisors 


BOWES, Andrea. (A. Katz, Cognition and Perception). Biting Language and Fighting Friends: Sarcasm in Conversation.
EDWARDS, Kimberly. (R. Martin, Clinical). Are Witty People Healthier? The Relationship between Facets of Humour and Health.
FIFE, Jessica. (J. Finegan, Industrial/Organizational). Is the Experience of Work-Family Conflict Moderated by Organizational Commitment?
HANCOCK, Megan. (P. Hoaken, Clinical). The Role of Executive Dysfunction in Predicting Violence.
IBARRA ROVILLARD, Maria Sol. (N. Kuiper, Clinical). The Role of Humor and Depression on Responses to Social Comments.
KOHUT, Taylor. (W. Fisher, Social). The Benefits of Bawdiness.
KRIENGWATANA, Buddhamas (Pralle). (S. MacDougall-Shackleton, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Melatonin, Aggression, and Social Dominance.
LAU, Megan. (P. Hoaken, Clinical). Executive Functioning as a Risk Factor in Recidivism.
LECHCIER-KIMEL, Rachel. (X. Chen, Developmental). Cultural Differences in Prosocial and Self-Expressive Behaviour with Friends and Unfamiliar Peers.
MALINS, Jeffrey. (M. Joanisse, Neuroscience). Tonal Information in Mandarin Spoken Word Recognition.
MARCOTTE, Erin. (N. Allen, Industrial/Organizational). Time-related Diversity and Team Conflict.
MARTIN, Christopher. (S. Kohler, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). déjà vu and Temporal Lobe Epilepsy.
MCMILLAN, Neil. (W. A. Roberts, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Cue Competition and Timing.
MILES, Sarah. (J.P. Minda, Cognition and Perception). Visual Working Memory and Categorization.
MOHAN, Melissa. (N. Kuiper, Clinical). Cognitive Representations of Depression.
MORLEY, Tara. (G. Moran, Clinical). Attachment in Infants of Adult and Adolescent Mothers.
O'CONNOR, Kathleen. (G. Moran, Clinical). Exploring the Roots of Attachment Within the Family.
SANKAR, Janani. (E. Hampson, Clinical). Testosterone, Androgen Receptor, and Spatial Cognition.
SHAMS, Soaleha. (K.-P. Ossenkopp & M. Kavaliers, Neuroscience). Propionic Acid Affects Social, Anxiety And Motor Behavior.
SHEPPARD, Leah. (J. Finegan, Industrial/Organizational). The Workplace Attractiveness Bias.
SHOEMAKER, Angela. (R. Hinson, Clinical). Alcohol Use in an Aboriginal Population.
STINCHCOMBE, Eric. (S. Lupker, Cognition and Perception). Transposed Letter Effects with Subset Primes Investigated Using a Mased Priming Lexical Decision Task.
TAPSCOTT, Jennifer. (P. Hoaken, Clinical). Psychopathic Traits and the Severity and Frequency of Instrumental and Reactive Violent Offending.
TURNBULL, Kathryn. (G. Reid, Clinical). Positive Child Routines and Sleep Problems.
WILSON, Elizabeth. (P. Gribble, Neuroscience). Measuring Human Proprioception in a 2D Workspace.
WOOD, Daniel. (M. Goodale, Neuroscience). Response Ambiguity and the Selection of Action.
XUE, Ya. (G. Moran, Clinical). Origins of Continuity in Mother-Child Attachment.

Fall 2008 and Spring 2009 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Psychology
and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience with Psychology Supervisors 


CHEN, Jia. (X. Chen, Developmental). Parental Childbearing Attitudes and Their Relations.
CONWAY, Paul. (J. Olson, Social). Is There a Boundary to Morality or Justice? A Deservingness Perspective on Donations to Charity.
DEVANTIER, Sarah. (J. Minda and M. Goldszmidt, Cognition and Perception). The Effects of Expertise on Physicians' Use of Goal-Oriented Categories.
HALL, Amee. (S. Lomber, Neuroscience). Corticortical Projections from Auditory Areas to V1.
KAO, Cathy Kai-Ling. (M. Goodale, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Enhanced Detection of Visual Targets on the Hand and on Familiar Tools.
LIN, Pei-Shiunan Lily. (R. Sorrentino, Social). Attaining and maintaining clarity as self-regulatory goals: The underlying effects of uncertainty orientation and ego-depletion.
LOCKEY, Andrew. (K.-P. Ossenkopp & M. Kavaliers, Neuroscience). LPS Affects the Startle Response and Prepulse Inhibition.
MACPHERSON, Krista. (W. A. Roberts, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Studies of Spatial Memory in Domestic Dogs using a Radial Maze.
MARTINS, Jennifer. (K.-P. Ossenkopp & MacFabe, Neuroscience). Roles of Glutamate and Dopamine on PPA Induced Hyeractivity.
MATSUKI, Kazunaga. (K. McRae, Cognition and Perception). Dynamic Combination of Concepts During On-line Language Comprehension.
MAXWELL, Kathy. (M. Joanisse, Cognition and Perception). Reading Abilities in Young Deaf Signers: an Investigation of Sentence Processing.
O'NEIL, Edward. (S. Köhler, Neuroscience). The Role of Perirhinal Cortex in Memory and Perception.
PODNAR, David. (R. Martin, Clinical). Implications Regarding the Use of Humour in Early Mother-Infant Interactions.
RUBIN, Harris David. (L. Campbell, Social). The Influence of Ideal Standards on Explanation Processes in Close Relationships.
TAYLOR, Olusore Anita. (J. Dietz, Industrial/Organizational). Why Didn't They Help? The Effects of Perceived Relationships and High Costs on Observer Intervention in Incidents of Workplace Aggression.
TRINH, Daniel. (D. Jared, Cognition and Perception). The Role of Syllables in Reading English Multisyllabic Words.
VAN EIMEREN, Lucia. (D. Ansari, Developmental). White Matter Microstructure Underlying Mathematical Abilities.
YE, Yang. (R. Sorrentino, Social). Uncertainty Regulation, Motivation, and Daily Life Events Across Cultures.

Fall 2007 and Spring 2008 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Psychology
and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience with Psychology Supervisors 


BOWLES, Ben. (S. Kohler, Neuroscience). Impaired Familiarity with Temporal Lobe Lesion.
BROCHU, Paula. (V. Esses, Social). Old-Fashioned and Modern Prejudice Against the Overweight: Scale Development and Validation.
BURNHAM, Priscilla. (B. Morton, Developmental). Disentangling Automatic and Controlled Processes in Children’s Attention to Negative Emotion.
CABRERA, Christine. (L. Swartzman, Clinical). The Association Between Anxiety and Medication Use in Adult Asthmatics: The Mediational Role of Symptom Senstivity.
CHAPMAN, Craig. (M. Goodale, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Obstacle Avoidance While Reaching: The Effect of the Size and Position of Non-target Objects on Reach Movements.
CHEUNG, Irene. (J. Olson, Social). Forgiving Others: Understanding the Role of Subjective Temporal Distance.
GALLIVAN, Jason. (M. Goodale and J. Culham, Neuroscience). FMRI Activation in Parietal Cortex for Reachable Objects.
GRYFE, Naomi. (L. Swartzman, Clinical). The Impact of Manipulated and Non-manipulated Expectations on Placebo Analgesia and Nocebo Responses in a Sample of Fibromyalgia Patients.
HASTINGS, Stephanie. (J. Finegan, Industrial/Organizational). The Role of Ethical Ideology in Reactions to Injustice.
HOLLOWAY, Ian. (D. Ansari, Developmental). Developmental Changes in the Neural Correlates of Symbolic and Nonsymbolic Number Comparison.
HSIAO, Celia. (X. Chen, Developmental). Social Interactions of Shy-Anxious Children with Friends and Non-friends.
KOTACK, Rachel. (L. Zarbatany, Developmental). Processes Underlying Obesity Stigma Contagion in Middle Childhood and Pre-adolescence.
LEBEL, Etienne. (B. Gawronski, Social). "I like my group because I like myself": Underlying Mechanisms of Implicit and Explicit Intergroup Bias.
LEE, Adrienne. (C. Seligman, Social). Relative Versus Absolute Measures as Predictors of Attitudes from Values.
MAXWELL-SMITH, Matthew. (V. Esses, Social). The Role of “Minimal Competition” in Determining Individual and Group Impressions.
MBIRKOU, Sawsan. (B. Gawronski, Social). What You See Is What You Eat: The Impact of Distraction and Visual Salience on Self-regulation of Food Intake.
McCORMICK, Sarah. (A. Katz, Cognition and Perception). Context Effects in the Comprehension and Production of Figurative Language.
McINNIS, Kate. (J. Meyer, Industrial/Organizational). Beyond the Dotted Line: Psychological Contracts and Their Relations with Organizational Commitment.
NADLER, Ruby. (P. Minda, Cognition and Perception). The Effect of Regulatory Fit on Nonlinearly Separable Category Learning.
OUIMET, Allison. (D. Dozois, Clinical). Induced Attention Bias as Causal Factors in Emotional Vulnerability.
ROSS, Erin Haley. (P. Hoaken, Clinical). Executive Cognitive Function Capacity of “First Timers,” “Return Offenders,” and Controls.
SEEDS, Pamela. (D. Dozois, Clinical). Self-schema Organization and Reactivity to a Negative Mood Induction Procedure.
SHANAHAN, Matthew. (R. W. J. Neufeld, Clinical). Quantative Properties of the Environment and Psychological Implications of a Normative Model of Decisional Control.
SHULTZ, Sandy. (P. Cain, Neuroscience). The Effects of Propionic Acid on Social Behavior.
SMITH, Glen. (M. Rothstein, Industrial/Organizational). Job Similarity and Emerging Job Performance.
WONG, Jeremy. (P. Gribble, Neuroscience). Visual and Proprioceptive Determinants of Stiffness Control.

Fall 2006 amd Spring 2007 Convocations - MSc  Graduate Program in Psychology
and the Graduate Program in Neuroscience with Psychology Supervisors 

BATTISTA, Michael. (T. Vernon, Psychology: Personality and Measurement). Creativity=Intelligence + Intuition? The Relationship Between Intuition, Creativity, and Intelligence.
BENNETT-ABUAYYASH, Caroline. (V. Esses, Psychology: Social). The Role of Religious Prejudice in the Evaluation of Foreign-Trained Job Applicants.
CHAPMAN, Brendan. (B. Corneil, Neuroscience). Properties of Human and Non-human Primate Eye-head Gaze Shifts in an Anti-gaze Shift Task.
BLANK, Acia. (G. Moran, Psychology: Clinical). Exploring Continuity and Change in the Maternal Sensitivity of Adolescent Mothers.
DYER, Kelly. (P. Cain, Psychology: Behaviour and Cognitive Neuroscience). Toward an Animal Model for Spatial Navigation Deficits in Alzheimer's Disease: The Role of Somatostatin and Serotonin in the Acquisition of the Morris Water Maze.
FEENEY, Miranda. (W.A. Roberts, Psychology: Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Temporal and Environmental Influences on Foraging Choices: Expressions of Impulsivity and Self-Control by Rats on the Radial Maze.
GUILCHER, Sara. (L. Swartzman, Psychology: Clinical). Self-Regulation and Physical Activity: Investigating the Predictive Utility of Motivational and Cognitive Factors.
HAMILL, Vanessa. (P. Hoaken, Psychology: Clinical). The Multifaceted Construct of Impasivity: A Factor Analytic Study of Self-Report and Behavioural Measures of Impulsivity and Disinhibition.
HOFFMAN, Jennifer. (K.-P. Ossenkopp & M. Kavaliers, Neuroscience). The Effects of Acute and Chronic Intracerebroventricular Infusions of Propionic Acid on Locomotor Activity in Long-Evans Rats.
JACKSON, Timothy. (J. Meyer, Psychology: Industrial/Organizational). A Pathway for Transformational Leadership's Effects: Testing Relations Between Transformational Leadership, Identification and Commitment.
KUMSAR, Ayca Yaprak. (Meyer, Psychology: Industrial/Organizational). Extension of the Three-Component Model of Commitment to Teams.
LEWIS, Rhys. (R. Goffin &B. Gawronski, Psychology: Industrial/Organizational). What Happens to the Male Advantage in Female Jobs? Separating Gender/Job Match from the General Male Advantage Using Process Dissociation.
MALTIN, Elyse. (J. Meyer, Psychology: Industrial/Organizational). Occupational Commitment, Organizational Commitment, and Work Motivation: Integration and Effects on Stress and Strain in Teachers.
O'CONNOR, Christopher. (K. McRae, Psychology: Cognition and Perception). Conceptual Hierarchies Arise from the Dynamics of Learning and Processing: Insights from a Flat Attractor Network.
STEVENSON, Tyler . (S. MacDougall-Shackleton, Neuroscience). Distribution and Reproductive Context of Gonadotropin Releasing-Hormone -II in the House Sparrow Brain.
TOBON, Juliana. (G. Reid, Psychology: Clinical). Children's mental health services: Investigation factors related to help-seeking and agency involvement patterns.
VALENTINE, Robyn. (J. Finegan, Psychology: Industrial/Organizational). The Effect of Work Engagement on Person-Organization Fit.
VECCHI, Juile. (J. Finegan, Psychology: Industrial/Organizationa). Understanding the Dimensionality of Emotional Labour.
WAESE, Michelle. (D. Jared, Psychology: Educational). The Role of Intervocalic Consonants in Disyllabic Word Naming.

Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 Convocations - MSc Graduate Program in Psychology 

COULOMBE, Aimee. (G. Reid, Clinical). Sleep Problems, Fatigue and Psychopathology in a Representative Sample of Ontario Children.
GRIGG, Melissa. (R. Sorrentino, Social). The Role of Uncertainty Orientation on Self-Regulatory Focus: An Integrative Approach to the Study of Achievement.
GRONDIN, Ray. (K. McRae, Cognition and Perception). Shared features dominate the number-of-features effect.
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McINTYRE, Barbara. (R. Goffin, Industrial/Organizational). The Effects of Interpersonal and Informational Justice on Motivation and Performance.
NAQSHBANDI, Mariam. (W. A. Roberts, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Anticipation of future events in Squirrel Monkeys (Saimiri Sciureus) and Rats (Rattus Norvegicus).
PERRY, Jason. (S. Lupker, Cognition). Lexical Retrieval Processes in the Interactive-Activation Model Evaluated in a Masked Priming Lexical Decision Task.
ROSS, Sarah Irwin. (N. Allen, Industrial/Organizational). Evaluating Shared Mental Model Measures.
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WIGINGTON, Tara. (L. Campbell, Social). An Exploration of Gender Asymmetrical Cues to Romantic Trust.
WILBUR, Christopher. (L. Campbell, Social). Making Sense of Humor: Differences in Men's and Women's Humor Strategies within Mating Contexts.
WONG, Joanne. (L. Campbell, Clinical). Humor in Marriage: The Relationship Between Humor Use and Well-Being.

Fall 2005 and Spring 2006 Convocations - MSc Graduate Program in Neuroscience , with Psychology Supervisors

MARTIN, Lindsay. (K.-P. Ossenkopp & M. Kavaliers). Effects of exposure to cat odour on locomotor activity and anxiety in male mice.
SNIHUR, Adrian. (D. P. Cain). The role of ovarian and adrenal hormones in spatial learning and memory in rats.

Fall 2004 and Spring 2005 Convocations - MSc Graduate Program in Psychology 

BUTZER, Bethany. (Kuiper, Clinical). Self-Uncertainty, Psychopathology, and Social Comparison: An Intergrative Perspective.
CAMPBELL, John. (Katz, Cognition and Perception). An Examination of the Impact of Context on the Comprehension of Reversed Metaphors.
CHUNG, Janet. (Chen, Developmental). The Contextual Effect of the Peer Group on the Relation Between Aggression and Social Adjustment in Children.
DESROCHES, Amy. (Joanisse, Cognition and Perception). How Noise Affects Phonological Processing in Dyslexia: Evidence from Eyetracking.
FRIESEN, Deanna. (Jared, Educational). Cross-Language Transfer of Word and Text Level Infomration in Fluent Reading.
ILIC, Tatjiana. (Pepper, Industrial/Organizational). Work Values, Experiences and Work Attitudes: A Study of Immigrants from Former Yugoslavia.
LEE, Vivien. (Wolfe, Clinical). Evaluation of a Comprehensive Violence, Sexual and Substance Use Prevention Program: A Pilot Study of the 'Fourth R'.
LEITE, Catherine. (Kuiper, Clinical). Implicit Theories of Sense of Humor: A Multidimensional Approach.
LI, Miao. (Chen, Developmental). Emotion Expression in Chinese Children: Relations with Social and School Adjustment.
MASSAK, Agnes. (Hinson, Clinical). Encoding and Retrieval of Novel Information Using Smoking as a Secondary Task to Investigate the Automaticity of Smoking.
MCINTYRE-SMITH, Alexandra. (Wolfe, Clinical). Sex, Drugs, and Violence: Patterns of Adolescent Risk Behaviour.
MCNORGAN, Christopher. (McRae, Cognition and Perception). Explicit Feature Relation and Implicit Feature Correlation Knowledge in Semantic Memory.
PETERSON, Alexandra. (Olson, Social). Cognitive Dissonance and Goal Pursuit.
SETHIAN, Taline. (Rothstein, Industrial/Organizational). The Impact of Self-Monitoring on the Adjustment of International Students Studying in Canada.
SZETO, Andrew. (Sorrentino, Social). Compensatory Conviction as a Function of Uncertainty Orientation, Culture and Explicit and Implicit Self-Esteem.
WARD, Jennie. (Martin, Clinical). Styles of Humour and their Relation to Friendship.

Fall 2004 and Spring 2005 Convocations - MSc Graduate Program in Neuroscience , with Psychology Supervisors

CANT, Jonathan. (M. Goodale.) Material and Form Perception in Human Vision.
FUDGE, Melissa. (M. Kavaliers & K.-P. Osssenkopp.) The effects of allopregnanolone on feeding: A behavioural investigation.

Fall 2003 and Spring 2004 Convocations - MSc Graduate Program in Psychology and Neuroscience 

ANDERSON, Sari. (E. Hampson, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Waist-to-Hip Ratio Is Positively Associated with Bioavailable Testosterone in Healthy Premenopausal Women.
BIRD, Leanne. (W. Roberts, Animal Cognition). Concept Learning in Pigeons (Columbia Livia): Examining the Importance of Categorical Exemplar Comparison.
EVANS, Elspeth. (G. Moran, Clinical). Assessing Maternal Atypical and Insensitive Behavior in a Longitudinal High-Risk Attachment Study.
FORBES, Lindsey. (G. Moran, Clinical). An Introduction to the Interesting-But-Scary Paradigm: A New Procedure for Assessing Quality of Attachment in Toddlerhood.
FREWEN, Paul. (D. Dozois, Clinical). Processing of Facial Expressions in Dysphoria.
HAYNES, Graeme. (J. Oslon, Social). Coping with Threats to Justice: Help, Blame or Derogate?
HUSSEY, Karen. (A. Katz, Cognition and Perception). An Examination of Gender and Common Ground Differences in Nonliteral Language Production.
ISAACS, Corey. (W. Fisher, Social). An Internet-Driven Educational Immunication Against Possible Negative Effects of Internet Pornography.
KEALY, Kinda. (N. Kuiper, Clinical). Event Characteristics: The Influence of Depression and Depressive Personality Constructs.
KENTON, Laura. (D. Cain, Behavioural and Cognitive Neuroscience). Effects of Combined Serotonergic and Beta-Adrenergic Blockade on Navigation in the Rat: A Detailed Behavioural Analysis.
NEVILL, Stephanie. (B. Timney, Sensation and Perception). The Effects of Moderate Alcohol Consumption on Motion Perception.
ROBERTSON, Erin. (M. Joanisse, Cognition). Breadth and Basis of Overlapping Reading and Language Deficits in Dyslexia and Specific Language Impairment: The Phonological Deficit Theory.
SZEKERES, Bridgette. (D. Sherry, Animal Cognition). Spatial Orientation and Landmark Use in Black-Capped Chickadees (Poecile Atricapilla).

Fall 2003 and Spring 2004 Convocations - MSc Graduate Program in Neuroscience, with Psychology Supervisors

QUINLAN, Derek. (M. Goodale & J. Culham). FMRI Investigation of Depth Specificity in Human Posterior Parietal Cortex.
TENK, Christine. (K.-P. Ossenkopp & M. Kavaliers). Corticosterone, Lithium Chloride and Conditioned Place Aversion.

Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 Convocations - MSc Psychology Graduate Program

BOMAN, Jennifer. (Swartzman, Educational). The Role of Attitude Strength and Topic Knowledge in Critical Thinking Performance.
BRINKER, Jaylene. (Dozois, Clincial). Cognitive Organization, Rumination and the Congruency Effect.
CHIODO, Debbie. ( Vernon , Personality). Selective Information Processing of Food and Body Shape/Weight Related Stimuli n Women with Unhealthy Eating Attitudes.
COVIN, Roger. (Dozois, Clinical). Mood Regulation and Personality Vulnerability to Depression.
HADLEY, Dianne. (Reid, Clinical). Seeking Services from a Children's Mental Health Centre: The Impact on Children, Their Families and the Social System.
HAIGH, Corinne. (Jared, Educational). The Activation of Phonological Representations in Bilinguals while Reading Silently.
HAWKINS, Erinn. (MORAN and Pederson, Clinical). Understanding the Intergenerational Transmission of Attachment Representations: The Role of Reflective Function.
KIELAR, Aneta. (Joanisse, Cognition). Working Memory and Sentence Comprehension in Adult Listeners Under Stress as a Function of Memory Span and Syntactic Complexity.
POWELL, Deborah. (Meyer, Industrial/Organizational). Becker's Side-Bet Theory Revisited: Application to a Three-Component Model of Commitment.
RUZICKA, Dana. (Kuiper, Clinical). Perceptions of Realness and Phenomenological Characteristics Associated with Real and Imagined Events: The Effects of Event Valence , Personality and the Passage of Time.
THOMAS, Caroline. (Esses, Social). Reactions to Disparagement Humour: The Role of Individual Differences and Perceived Threat.

Fall 2002 and Spring 2003 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Neuroscience, with Psychology Supervisors.

BROWN, Matthew. (M. A. Goodale). Comparison of Memory and Memory- and Visually-Guided Saccades Using Event-Related FMRI.
FRANKLIN, Andrew. (D. P. Cain). Light-Dark Modulation of LPS-Induced Hypoactivity.
GAROFEANU, G. Gina. (G. K. Humphrey & M. A. Goodale). Naming and Grasping Common Objects: A Priming Study.

Fall 2001 and Spring 2002 Convocations - M.A. Graduate Program in Psychology  

CANN, David. (A. Katz, Cognition). Habitual Susceptibility to Misinformation: An Examination of Individual Differences and a Source Monitoring Explanation.
CHO, Mi-Jin. (K. McRae, Cognition). The On-Line Influence of Distinguishing Features in Living and Non-Living Things.
DeSOUZA, Amanda. (X. Chen, Developmental). Children's Peer Interactions in Cultural Context: Social Initiation and Responses of Shy-Anxious Children in Canada and China.
GIGNAC, Gilles. (P. A. Vernon, Measurement). Degree of Lateralization and Intelligence.
KELLY, Elizabeth. (N. Allen, Industrial/Organizational). The Effects of Task, Outcome, and Identity Interdependence on Individual Performance and Satisfaction.
KOTOVYCH, Maria. (A. Katz, Cognition). Effect of Alcohol Placebos, Individual Differences and Alcohol Expectancies on Eyewitness Memory.
MADIGAN, Sheri. (D. Pederson & G. Moran, Developmental). Bridging the Gap between Unresolved States of Mind and Disorganized Attachment Relationships: Links to Atypical Maternal Behaviour.
McNALLY, Jeff. (J. Finegan, Industrial/Organizational). Factors and Outcomes of Trust: An Experimental Manipulation.
MILLER, Christina. (J. Olson, Social). Demonization: Remorse, Motive and Just World Beliefs.
MOODIE, Eloise. (N. Allen, Industrial/Organizational). Choosing to Work Alone or with Others: Exploring the Roles of Task Success Expectancy and Self-Esteem.
ROSS, Erin. (N. Allen, Industrial/Organizational). Evaluation of Task Performance: Does Working in a Group Make a Difference?
SARDONE, Domenica. (C. Seligman, Social). Effect of Optimal Distinctiveness Threat on Value Change.
SEMENYA, Antoinette. (V. Esses, Social). Intergroup and Intragroup Attitudes of Ethnic Minority Groups.
YUEN, Yolanda. (S. Lupker, Cognition). Is the Feedback Consistency Effect Real? Spelling-to-Sound Consistency Effects in Visual and Auditory and Lexical Decision.

Fall 2001 and Spring 2002 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate Program in Neuroscience

KHAN, Sarah. (B. Timney, Sensation and Perception). Moderate Alcohol and Visual Sensitivity.
KROLICZAK, Greg. (M. Goodale, Behavioural and Cognitive  Neuroscience.) The Effects of Different Aperture-Viewing Conditions.

Fall 2000 and Spring 2001 Convocations - M.A. Graduate Program in Psychology 

ANGLIN-BODRUG, Kristin. (S. Paunonen, Measurement). Predicting Job Preferences using Personality and Job Interest Measures.
BEISSEL, Clara. (D. Pederson, Clinical). The Provision of Social Support within Close Friendships: The Effects of Adult Attachment.
BOKSMAN, Kristine. (R.W.J. Neufeld, Clinical). Investigation of Cognitive Deficits in First-Episode Drug-Naïve Schizophrenic Patients Using fMRI.
FOY, Andrea. (P. A. Vernon, Personality). Examining the Dimensions of Intimacy in Twin and Peer Relationships.
FRANCIS, Karen. (D. Wolfe, Clinical). Perceptions of the Emotion and Consequences Experienced by Male and Femail Victims in Response to Abuse in Dating Relationships.
HEATHCOTE, Joanna. (S. Pepper, Industrial/Organizational). The Effects of Voice, Expectancy, and Reputation on Judgments of Organizational Justice.
JONES, Camille. (X. Chen, Developmental). An Investigation of the Structure and Dynamics of Children's Peer Groups.
KIRSH, Gillian. (N. Kuiper, Clinical). Relation to Positive and Negative Aspects of Sense of Humour to Individualism, Relatedness and Affects.
KRAJEWSKI, Henryk. (R. Goffin, Industrial/organizational). Responses to Occupational Stress: Predicting Coping Strategies with Narrow versus Broad Personality Traits.
LARSEN, Gwendolyn. (R. Martin, Clinical). Mapping the Empathy Domain: A Clarification of the Structure of Trait Empathy.
LEVY, Lawrence. (R.W.J. Neufeld, Clinical). Application of Chaos Theory to a Multidimensional, Psychological System: Simulation Evidence of Fixed, Periodic, and Chaotic Attractors in a Model of Stress and Coping.
MENDAROZQUETA, Nicole. (M. Goodale, Behavioral and Cognitive Neuroscience). The Role of Binocular Vision in the Control of Prehension.
PARKES, Michael. (M. Rothstein, Industrial/Organizational). Personality and Managerial Competencies.

Fall 2000 and Spring 2001 Convocations - MSc Graduate Program in Neuroscience

JOSHI, Anish. (K. Humphrey, Sensation and Perception). Modeling Visual Object Recognition.
WAREHAM, Jonathan. (B. Timney, Sensation and Perception). On Knowing With Which Eye One Is Seeing.

Fall 1999 and Spring 2000 Convocations - M.A. Graduate Program in Psychology 

AKST, Lesley. (V. Esses). Perceived Value Threat as a Predictor of Discrimination Toward Homosexuals within the Legal Context.
BOISVERT, Michael. (D. Sherry). Winter Food-Caching, Feeding, and Body Weight in Relation to Social Dominance in Black-capped Chickadees (Poecile Atricapillus).
BUHRMANN, Oswald. (J. Olson). The Comparison Conundrum: Social and Counterfactual Comparisons.
GILL, Harjinder. (J. Finegan). The Relation Between Person-Organization Value Fit and Organizational Commitment: A Multidimensional Perspective.
GILLESPIE, Joanne. (G. Rollman). Perceptual Differences in Chronic Fatigue Syndrome.
HERSCOVITCH, Lynne. (J. Meyer). Employee Commitment to Organizational Change: Extension and Evaluation of a Three-Component Model.
HILDYARD, Kathryn. (D. Wolfe). Relational and Physical Aggression in Adolescent Dating Relationships: Prevalence, Associated Maladjustment, and Gender Differences.
JONES, Kevin. (G. Rollman). Gender-Related Differences in Response to Experimentally Induced Pain: The Influence of Psychosocial Variables.
LEWIS, Wendy. (W. A. Fisher). Effects of Physician Gender on the Self-disclosure of Reproductive and Sexual Health Information by Erotophobic and Erotophilic Men and Women.
MIHIC, Ljiljana. (R.C. Gardner). Dual Cultural Affiliation And Personality.
POWER, Tara. (L. Swartzman). Choosing among Multiple Treatment for Coronary Artery Disease: The Independent & Interactive Influences of Cognitive Heuristics, Gender and Preference for Information.
PUHLIK-DORIS, Patricia. (R. Martin). The Humor Styles Questionnaire: A New Multidimensional Measure of Sense of Humor.
SHUPER, Paul. (R. Sorrentino). Uncertainty Orientation and Minority Versus Majority Influence: Processing Persuasive Messages Based on Situational Expectancies.
WU, Huafeng. (X. Chen). Family Interaction with Preschoolers in Chinese Families.

Fall 1999 and Spring 2000 Convocations - M.Sc. Graduate  Program in Neuroscience 

, Amy. (D. Sherry). The Effects of a Predation Risk on Chickadees.

Fall 1998 and Spring 1999 Convocations - M. A. Graduate Program in Psychology

CLOW, KIMBERLEY. (V. Esses). Developing Group Stereotypes from Descriptions of Group Members: An Individual Difference Approach.
CREE, GEORGE. (K. McRae). An Attractor Model of Lexical Conceptual Processing: Statistical Feature and Semantic Similarity Priming.
EIDLITZ, MICHELLE. (M. Simner). The Nature of Dysgraphic Handwriting in Grade-1 Children.
HOGARTH, LAURA. (W. Roberts). Limitations on Rats' Ability to Understand Relations Between Landmarks and Goals on the Radial Maze.
JELLEY, BLAKE. (R. Goffin). Identifying Strengths and Weaknesses in Ratee Performance: Effects of Rater Priming and Rating Scale Format.
JONES, Jennifer. (P. A. Vernon). Personality and Health: A Twin Study.
KACINIK, NATALIE. (S. Lupker). The Effect of Prime Letter Search on Semantic Versus Associative Priming.
LIU, MOWEI. (X. Chen). Friendship Networks and Individual Adjustment in Chinese Adolescents.
McCARTHY, JULIE. (R. Goffin). The Standardized Letter of Recommendation as a Predictor of Performance: An Assessment of Three Rating Formats.
STELZL, MONIKA. (C. Seligman). The Relationship Between One's Multiple Ethnic Identities and One's Multiple Value Systems: The Immigrant's Experience.
SUTTON, JENNIFER. (W. Roberts). Attention to Time, Space and Visual Pattern by the Pigeon.
STANLEY, DAVID. (J. Meyer). Employee Cynicism About Organizational Change: Development and Validation of a Measure.