Western Undergraduate Summer Research Internships

The Western Undergraduate Summer Research Internships (USRIs) provide undergraduate students with engaged research experiences under the mentorship of a faculty member and are intended to stimulate undergraduate students’ interest in research through direct exposure and hands-on experiences conducting research. This program seeks to provide undergraduate students with first-hand experience in undertaking an exciting research project under the direction of a qualified faculty mentor/supervisor. Through participation in this program, students gain valuable and high-impact research, technical and professional skills that will help support academic and career development toward their future professional goals. Faculty mentors benefit from meaningful engagement and assistance toward their research program, and can use the opportunity to further a diverse HQP training environment.

Additional Information on the Western USRI Program and Application Process

Please visit https://www.ssc.uwo.ca/research/usri.html to access the application form and for comprehensive information on this program.

Departmental Application Deadline

USRI Summer 2023 application documents must be submitted electronically to Kim Baxter at kbaxter7@uwo.ca by 4:00 pm on Friday, March 31, 2023.

Departmental Application Instructions

The following documents must be submitted for the USRI Summer 2023 application to be complete:


Finding a Supervisor

The faculty below have indicated that they are interested in sponsoring USRI applications for Summer 2023. Further details on these researchers and other potential supervisors not listed below are available at - http://psychology.uwo.ca/people/faculty/fulltime.html.

USRI Summer 2023 Psychology Faculty Supervisors:

Laura Batterink
Blake Butler
Jesse Chavarria
David Dozois
M. Blair Evans
Paul Frewen
Mel Goodale
Jessica Grahn
Paul Gribble
Erin Heerey
Marc Joanisse
Stefan Köhler
Ken McRae
Paul Minda
J. Bruce Morton
Peter Ossenkopp
Bill Roberts
Julie Schermer