Special Announcement re: The Psychology Department is making a major change to its research methods and statistics curriculum

Attention Students: 

This year (2021-2022) is the LAST year in which Psychology 2800E, 2810 and 2820E will be offered. Starting in September 2022, we will instead be offering a new series of research methods and statistics courses. These new courses will have a MANDATORY prerequisite course: Data Science 1000A/B

If you are a Year 1 student thinking about pursuing a Psychology degree, Data Science 1000A/B will count as 0.5 credit of the 1.0 credit Year 1 Math Requirement. We recommend that students complete this requirement with Data Science 1000A/B and Math 1228A/B. 

If you are currently in Years 2, 3 or 4 of a Psychology program and still have a research methods and statistics requirement to fulfil, you must complete the requirement this year. If you do not, you will need to take the new coursework. If you have not taken Data Science 1000A/B as part of your First Year Maths, you will be required to take it before you will be permitted to take the higher level Statistics courses (Data Science 2000A/B [Introduction to Data Science] may also be used to fulfil this requirement if you are in Year 2 or higher). 

This schematic describes the structure of the new program:

Research Methods and Stats Program

What are the key differences between the old and new programs?





· Hand calculations

· Working with small data sets

· Emphasis on interpreting test statistics

· Separate coursework for Major & Hons Degrees

· Grades based on exams/quizzes and research reports

· Students focus on basic analysis methods with minimal advanced work

· Students “shadow” the hons program starting in Year 2 if there is a chance they want to do it


· Coding statistical tests (e.g., in R or Python)

· Working with larger data sets

· Emphasis on data visualizations (graphs)

· All students begin at the same introductory level

· Grades based on weekly homework, exams and research reports

· Advanced analysis strategies at the upper levels to prep Hons students for Thesis

·         Advancement to hons programs is achievement-based


In both old and new programs, Majors take only 1.0 credits of required Year 2 introductory research methods and statistics coursework and Honours Students take both introductory and advanced coursework – for a total of 2.0 required credits of Year 2 research methods and statistics coursework.