Minor in Psychology 2021 (Archive)

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4.0 Course Module CHECKLIST

Purpose of Minor Module: To provide a grounding in the principles of Psychology for students who are interested in a career in such applied fields as business, education, law, the health sciences, social work, and other related disciplines.  This program is not suitable for students who intend to pursue postgraduate work in Psychology.

FIRST YEAR Requirements:

To be eligible for admission to the Minor Program, students must complete 3.0 first-year courses, including 1.0 course from Psychology 1000 (or the former 1200) with a final grade of at least 60%.
1. Psych 1000 (or former 1200)
2. Other
3. Other
4. Other
5. Other
Module Requirements:

1.0 courses: Psychology 2080A/B plus 2990A/B
2.0 courses in Psychology numbered 2000-2099
1.0 courses in Psychology numbered 2000-2999

NOTE: Psychology Minors who wish to leave open the possibility of switching to a Psychology Major, need to keep in mind that Psychology Majors are permitted no more than 1.0 Psychology credits in the 2000-2099 range within their module and require, in addition, a 1.0 Math credit (first year level). Therefore those students may wish to consider doing 3.0 of the 4.0 Minor module Psychology courses at the 2100 and above level. Please consult the Academic Calendar for the requirements for a Psychology Major.

Subsidiary Courses: 11.0 other courses
YEAR 2, 3 and 4
6. Psych 2080/Psych 2990
7. Psych 2000-2099
8. Electives or Other Module
9. Electives or Other Module
10. Electives or Other Module
11. Psych 2000-2099
12. Psych 2000-2999
13. Electives or Other Module
14. Electives or Other Module
15. Electives or Other Module
16. Electives or Other Module
17. Electives or Other Module
18. Electives or Other Module
19. Electives or Other Module
20. Electives or Other Module

You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your program.

NOTE: If a student takes additional Psychology courses, they may take no more than 2.0 extra Psychology courses at the 2000-2099 level.  Additional Psychology courses beyond that must be numbered 2100 or higher.Please note that this is the Psychology component of your degree only.  For information on complete degree requirements, please refer to the official Western Academic Calendar.All degrees require 1.0 Social Science course (A), 1.0 Arts & Humanities course (B), 1.0 Science course (C) and 2.0 essay courses.