Thesis Information Session Presentation

Honors Thesis Option 2019/20

Dr. Scott
Dr. Ingrid Johnsrude

Course Instructor (from July 1, 2019):
Dr. Debra Jared

Psychology 4850, 4851, 4852

  • Full year, 1.0 credits
  • Must be registered in final year of Honors Specialization in Psychology or Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
  • independent research project under supervision of a faculty member (perhaps cosupervised by postdoctoral fellow or senior graduate student).
  • appropriate for those who want experience with Why do you want such experience?
  • Warning – Not for everyone. Requires extensive commitment to research, discipline and self-direction.


What is Involved?

  • Find a supervisor (Two-step process –we’ll come back to this!)
  • Plan project with supervisor (summer/early fall)
  • Write thesis proposal including ethics application for the research (Sept – Oct)
  • Present proposal to classmates + seminar coordinator (Oct- Feb)
  • Recruit volunteers, conduct research and analyze data (Nov - Feb)
  • Write up thesis (Sept-March): Due early April
  • Poster presentation (late March)


Finding a Supervisor

  • Instructions will be posted at 
  • Also at OWL Project Site: 2019-2020 Psychology Thesis Match
  • Application form will be posted in late Jan
  • Between late Feb and late March, you apply to (and possibly meet with) potential supervisors (Application form deadline:March 1, 2019)
  • You submit your ranked list of preferred supervisors in late March (March 28, 2019).
  • Matching is done as soon as we’ve heard from all supervisors, and you will be told the outcome as soon as possible – by late April at the latest
  • Read the faculty websites
  • Know what a professor works on, but it’s okay to not know what that is! You may want to obtain (and read) some papers from labs that interest you
  • You don’t have to have a project planned. Keep an open mind – don’t just pursue your existing interests. Maybe consider a new one…
  • Contact more than one professor. You may well not get your first choice (or your second).
  • Point of the exercise is to gain research experience. Topic is secondary.

Matching with a Supervisor

You will hear sometime at the end of April who your thesis supervisor will be, via e-mail. Note that this does not guarantee that you are eligible to take the Honors thesis course.

Enrolment in HSp module is processed through Psychology counselling.

Thesis Course Evaluation criteria

  • Thesis proposal
  • Class presentation
  • Poster presentation (visual and spoken)
  • Written thesis (evaluated by supervisor and second reader)
  • Participation and engagement