What is Psychology?

Are you curious about...
• Why humans and animals think and behave the way they do?
• How we learn to perceive and make sense of our physical and social world?
• Why we have a strong need to form relationships with others?
• What accounts for differences in our interpersonal styles?  
• Why we experience emotions and what effects they have on the decisions we make?
• How our early life experiences influence how we think, feel, and behave as adults?
• Why some people develop mental disorders and other forms of maladjustment, and how we can help them?  

...then maybe Psychology is for you

People who study Psychology are interested in explaining normal and abnormal behavior. They search for clues about why we behave the way we do in our biology, feelings, thought processes, and social experiences.  Using a variety of research strategies, they seek a scientific understanding of behavior at various levels ranging from micro (brain functioning, genes, hormones, drugs) to macro (peer groups, culture).