Electroencephalography and behavioral studies of speech and sound perception

We are currently recruiting people aged +18 years with no hearing or neurological problems in the past. You will perform a few behavioral tests that assess hearing and cognition. You will also listen to sounds and may perform simple tasks, such as discriminating between sounds or detecting acoustic changes. During that time we would passively and non-invasively record your brain activity using electroencephalography (EEG). EEG picks up the small electric signals at the scalp that come from your brain.

The study takes about 2.5-3 h to complete and you would be compensated for your time (5 CAD for every half hour, i.e., 10 CAD per hour). If you are interested and fulfill the criteria below, please contact the CoNCH lab at bjherr@uwo.ca, and we will book an appointment at your convenience.

Recruitment criteria:
- Age: 18-80 years
- No history of hearing difficulty or neurological problems