Social Cognition Study

The Western University Social Behaviour Lab is conducting a study about the relationship between social comfort and how people learn from social and non-social feedback. We want to recruit people who report that they are very comfortable with social interactions and people who report that they are less so. This study is designed to assess people’s levels of comfort with social situations. Some of the people who complete this study will be offered the opportunity to participate in an additional study for money.

If you are interested please go the link listed below and read the information letter posted on the site. If you want to be involved in more research in the lab, you will have the chance to let us know. If you are willing to do so, we will ask you to give us your email address.

Participation takes less than 15 minutes.

In appreciation for your time, you may choose to enter a draw for one of three $25 Amazon gift cards.

To volunteer for this study please use the link below:

If you have questions about this study, please contact:

Joshua Patenaude
Ph.D. Candidate
Department of Psychology
University of Western Ontario