Dr. Margaret Weiser

Private Practice

307 Commissioners Road West, Suite 3B
London, ON  N6J 1Y4
Telephone: (519) 601-2024 
Email: drmweiser@brokenwing2.com

Clinical interests: In my neurorehabilitation clinic I provide assessment and intervention for adults who have incurred traumatic injury or experienced life-altering events.  My evaluation may include consideration of emotional dysregulation after trauma, and neurocognitive assessments after brain injury.  Prior to any intervention plan, I conduct an analysis of risks and opportunities for individuals who seek to challenge their personal limits after traumatic injury.

Topics for workshops, seminars: Consultation with family physicians and integrated teams, concussion care, dementia care

Type of clinical practica: Advanced assessment, Advanced intervention

Types of clients: Adult

Modality: Individual

Theoretical orientation: Cognitive behav., Interpers. process

Types of client problems: PTSD, Adjustment Disorder, Anxiety Disorders, Neurocognitive Disorders

Type of supervision you can provide: Co-therapy/Co-interview, Observe student live

Recent students: D. Ladowski (2016) but had to request alternate supervisor

Current students:

Clinical contact: Available

Research interests: I am one of the original authors of Evidence-Based Review of Moderate to Severe Acquired Brain Injury (ERABI) published by The Ontario Neurotrauma Foundation at www.abiebr.com.  I served on a Health Quality Ontario consultation team to establish standards of care for dementia published at www.hqontario.ca/Evidence-to-Improve-Care/Quality-Standards/View-all-Quality-Standards/Behavioural-Symptoms-of-Dementia.

Available to supervise: Yes

Constraints: Available to supervise advanced placements only.

Last updated: May 21, 2019