Dr. Jeff St. Pierre

Child and Parent Resource Institute (CPRI)

600 Sanatorium Road
London, ON  N6H 3W7
Telephone: (519) 858-2774, ext. 2021
Email: jstpierr@uwo.ca or jeff.stpierre@ontario.ca

Clinical interests: CPRI is a Provincial Child and Adolescent Mental Health Centre offering specialized assessment and tertiary treatment for individuals 0 to 18 and all developmental levels. I am the Lead psychologist and work in Outpatient multidisciplinary programs for youth presenting with complex assessment and intervention needs (externalizing and internalizing symptoms, learning deficits, trauma exposure, and family systems concerns). Micro and macro-skills modelled include multidisciplinary teamwork and leadership, complex clinical evaluations and formulation, child (including functional analysis) and family systems understandings. My work includes CBT/ERP for OCD and anxiety, behavioural parent training and support, and diagnostic assessment in specialty clinics for children and youth. This includes children with dual diagnoses; with selective mutism and social phobia(http://www.cpri.ca/families/programs-services/selective-mutism/about-us/); the Brake Shop for Tourette Syndrome and associated disorders of disinhibition (www.leakybrakes.ca), and clinical consultation (chart review) regarding children with Complex Special Needs. I also serve on the Research team, and chair our Research Ethics Review panel.

Topics for workshops, seminars: Selective Mutism, Brake Shop

Type of clinical practica: Advanced intervention, Advanced assessment

Types of clients: Child; Adolescent

Modality: Individual; Group; Family

Theoretical orientation: Cognitive behavioral; Behavioural; Cognitive; ABA; Family systems

Types of client problems: Intellectual disability, Communication dis., Autism spectrum disorder, ADHD disorder, Learning disorder, Movement disorder, Tic disorder, Impulse control, PTSD, Adjustment disorder, Reactive attachment dis., OC & related disorders, Bipolar & related disorders, Depressive disorders, Anxiety disorders, Disrupt. impuse & conduct dis.m Neurocognitive disorder,

Type of supervision you can provide: Student describes case; Co-therapy/Co-interview; Observe student live

Recent students: Y. Kotelnikova (2015)

Current students: K. Dossett (2018); E. Shumlich (2019)

Clinical contact: Available

Research interests: Tool development in child psychopathology. Epidemiology of child psychopathology. Treatment outcomes in child and adolescent psychopathology.

Available to supervise: No


Last updated: May 21, 2019