Dr. Philip Masson

London Health Sciences Centre

Adult Eating Disorders Service
54 Riverview Avenue
London, ON  N6J 1A2
Telephone: (519) 685-8500, ext. 74866
Email: philip.masson@lhsc.on.ca

Clinical interests: Clinically, my main interests are in the treatment of eating disorders and anxiety. I work exclusively with adults in the area of mental health. I strongly believe in the importance of empirically supported treatments and in ensuring the availability of these treatment. My primary theoretical orientation is cognitive behaviour therapy and I am focused on continual improvement of my CBT practice. I am also very interested in the training of clinicians and students in the use of CBT. 

Topics for workshops, seminars: Treatment of eating disorders (topics could include: essential psychoeducation, treatment of body image, addressing patterns of eating)

Type of clinical practica: Advanced intervention

Types of clients: Adult

Modality: Individual; Group

Theoretical orientation: Cognitive behaviour

Types of client problems: Feeding & eating disorders

Type of supervision you can provide: Student describes case; You review audiotape with student; Co-therapy/Co-interview; You observe student live

Recent students: N. Maiolino; S. Ouellette (2018)

Current students: E. Shumlich (2019) 

Clinical contact: Not Available

Research interests: Dissemination of empirically support treatments, the use of stepped-care, and how to best utilize and enhance exposure based procedures in the treatment of eating disorders (e.g. how to use mirror exposure in eating disorders effectively in order to target body avoidance). Further, I have interest in targeting factors associated with treatment outcome and attempting to change them in order to improve treatment outcome. For example, intervening to increase rates of rapid response in treatment as this has shown to be a significant predictor of treatment outcome.

Available to supervise: No


Last updated: May 21, 2019