Dr. Michael Harnadek

London Health Sciences Centre - University Hospital

Department of Psychology
339 Windermere Road, P.O. Box 5339
London, ON  N6A 5A5
Telephone: (519)  663-3467
Email: michael.harnadek@lhsc.on.ca

Clinical interests: Neuropsychological assessment of adults. Clinical interests include: neuropsychological assessment, concussion, performance validity and assessment of effort. Theoretical approach is a flexible battery system with an emphasis upon clinical interaction.

Topics for workshops, seminars: Presentation and recovery from concussion, persistent post-concussion syndrome and barriers to recovery, and evaluation/understanding of insufficient effort during psychological assessment.

Type of clinical practica: Clinical neuropsychology

Types of clients: Adults; older adolescents (16+); Senior (Elderly patients)


Theoretical orientation: Eclectic

Types of client problems: Neurological/Cognitive

Type of supervision you can provide: Co-therapy/Co-interview; You review audiotape with student; You observe student live

Recent students: C. Hahn (2014); M. Tomlinson (2015); Erin Shumlich (2016); C. Hahn (2017); A. Daoust (2018)

Current students: S. Goldsmith (2019)

Clinical contact: Not Available

Research interests: Cognitive effects of mild stroke, concussion, persistent post-concussion syndrome, and evaluation/understanding of effort during psychological assessment.

Available to supervise: Yes

Constraints: Available to supervise January 2020 - August 2020.

Last updated: June 5, 2019