Dr. Kathy Dance


Email: drkathryndance@gmail.com

Clinical interests: I work primarily with emerging adults in the university context. Clinically I am particularly interested in trauma and dissociation, and the clinical implications of attachment. On a practice level, in addition to assiting clients with the sequelae of trauma, I most frequently treat mood and anxiety disorders. I have an interest in illness anxiety. I also have some specialized knowledge and competencies for working with lgbt2q populations. I have extensive exposure to theoretical and practice literature with respect to clinical supervision. I enjoy the psychodynamic literature on a theoretical level, my theoretical approach to assessment and intervention is cognitive-behavioural.

Topics for workshops, seminars: LGBT2Q

Type of clinical practica: Initial intervention

Types of clients: Adolescent; Adult

Modality: Individual

Theoretical orientation: Cognitive behav.; Behavioural; Cognitive

Types of client problems: PTSD, Adjustment disorder, OC & related disorders, Anxiety disorders, Feeding & eating disorders, Somatic symptoms & related disorders, Depressive disorders

Type of supervision you can provide: Student describes case; Review audiotape with student; Co-therapy/co-interview

Recent students: J. Gillies (2017), E. Shumlich (2017), S. Szota (2017), C. Hahn (2016), A. Newton (2016), M. Tomlinson (2016), S. Montgomery-Graham (2015), D. Ladowsky (2015); D. Machado (2015); N. Maiolino (2015); S. Chen (2014)

Current students: L. Gabel (2018)

Clinical contact person: Unavailable

Research interests:

Available to supervise: No


Last updated: Dec 2, 2019