Technical Services

Effective May 1, 2014 - Technical Services Restructuring and Amalgamation with Social Science Technical Services (SSTS)

•Technical staff members from Psychology are now a part of SSTS

•Shipping and receiving will continue to be provided for Social Science by technical staff members

•IT hardware support and requests for technical supplies and services can be requested through the SSTS office (ext. 82152 or

•Confidential shredding will be handled through the Psychology Main Office. Please bring exams (with the date of the exam marked on the box) to Beata (Room 7418) for secure storage until the disposal date. Please refer to:

•Moving and removal of furniture is now handled by Facilities Management. Please contact Trevor Semple ( or Mitch Young ( and provide the location, type of furniture, timeline and speedcode. The cost is $38 per hour for truck and driver and $19 per hour for other mover.

•Media services will be provided for the Faculty of Social Science through SSTS

•Audiovisual equipment is available for research or classroom demonstrations. Arrangements for use of this equipment should be made with Rick Cornwall. If the equipment is to be used in a laboratory on campus it must be signed out.

•Equipment borrowed for any purpose must be returned to Room 1226 at the earliest possible date. Broken equipment, or any malfunctioning equipment, should be reported immediately to the Media Technician so that repairs can be made.

•Poster printing will be available for Social Science Faculty, Staff and Graduate Students through SSTS

•Purchase orders will continue to be requested through Rick Cornwall

•Exam scanning will be moved soon to the Technical Shops area

Building Issues

•Please contact Facilities Management and use the electronic work request. If the matter is urgent, contact Client Services at ext. 83304.

•Key requests are made through Facilities Management Please ask research staff and students to identify their supervisor in the on-line key request so that the requests can be approved quickly.

•Psychology Department safety inspections will be handled by Rick Cornwall

Please see the SSTS web site ( for more information.

For the SSTS staff directory please visit: