Dr. Harry Murray

Professor Emeritus

Email: murray@uwo.ca

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Biographical Information

B.A. - University of Western Ontario, 1961
M.A. - University of Western Ontario, 1963
Ph.D. - University of Illinois, 1968

Selected Publications

Murray, H.G. (1999). Low-inference teaching behaviors and college teaching effectiveness: Recent developments and controversies. In J.C. Smart (Ed.), Higher education: Handbook of theory and research. Volume 15. New York: Agathon.

Murray, H.G.
(1997). Does evaluation of teaching lead to improvement of teaching? International Journal of Academic Development, 2, 8-23.

Murray, H.G.
, & Renaud, R.D. (1995). Disciplinary differences in classroom teaching behaviors. In Hativa, N. & Marincovich, M. (Eds.), Disciplinary differences in teaching and learning: Implications for practice. San Francisco: Jossey-Bass.

Murray, H.G. (1991). Effective teaching behaviors in the college classroom. In J. Smart (Ed.), Higher education: Handbook of theory and research. Volume 7. New York: Agathon.

Murray, H.G.
, Rushton, J.P., & Paunonen, S.V. (1990). Teacher personality traits and student instructional ratings in six types of university courses. Journal of Educational Psychology, 82, 250-261.


My major areas of current research activity are: (1) teacher effectiveness, (2) teaching evaluation in particular student evaluation of teaching, (3) contextual differences in teaching effectiveness, (4) educational assessment and evaluation.