Psychology Supplementary Anonymized Application Guidelines

Western is committed to employment equity and diversity in the workplace and welcomes
applications from women, members of racialized groups/visible minorities, Aboriginal persons,
persons with disabilities, persons of any sexual orientation, and persons of any gender identity or
gender expression.

To minimize any implicit bias in the initial review of applications for faculty positions we require all
applicants to submit a Supplementary Anonymized Application. This anonymized information will
be used by the search committee(s) for an initial screening and rating of applicants. Following this,
the full CVs and complete files for all applicants will receive a complete review by the committee.
Our rankings based on the anonymized application will be compared to our rankings of complete
applications as a check against any unconscious biases.

We hope this process will minimize unconscious bias effects, building on the efforts articulated in
the following reference:
Cynthia S. Jones, Mark C. Urban, Promise and Pitfalls of a Gender-Blind Faculty
Search, BioScience, Volume 63, Issue 8, August 2013, Pages 611–

Along with the other application materials requested in the job ad please supply the Supplementary
Anonymized Application as a separate PDF file. The file should not include your name or any
identifiers. This file should include the following sections:

1. Most Significant Publications
For each of your two most significant research publications please provide a brief (~300 words or
less) paragraph that highlights how the work has advanced your field. Each of the two paragraphs
should indicate your contribution to the work, and its current status (published, preprint).

2. Most Significant Other Contribution
Briefly describe (~300 words or less) your most significant other research contribution. This could
include methods or theoretical development, service to the community, symposia organization,
among other activities.

3. Education and postdoctoral experience
List your postsecondary degrees and years awarded. List the field of research (e.g., Psychology)
for each degree but do not list the institution. List any postdoctoral fellowships with start and end
dates and the field of research, but do not name institutions or supervisors.

4. Honours, Awards, Grants
List honours, awards and research grants with dates of the awards. For national or international
awards list full award/grant information. For institutional awards describe the award but do not list
the institution name.

5. Publications
Provide a list of publications organized by type (review articles, research article, book chapter, etc)
and status (published, preprint, in revision). Do not list author names, but do provide title, journal
title and year. Briefly annotate each publication to indicate your contribution (first/primary author,
middle-author and collaborator, etc) and provide the current number of lifetime citations.