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Social and Personality Psychology

Social Area Members

The Social and Personality Psychology Cluster at Western University combine research excellence in two areas of psychology.

Social Psychology is investigating the behaviour of individuals and groups in social contexts. At the present time, research is focusing on three main themes:

(a) Close Relationships, Health Behaviours and Sexual Behaviour, which includes research on evolutionary foundations of mate selection (Campbell); interpersonal perception and behaviour in relationships (Campbell); romantic relationships and attachment (Campbell); sexual behaviour (Fisher); and the social psychology of health behaviour(Fisher).

(b) Intergroup Relations and Social Justice, which includes research on dehumanization (Esses); ethnic relations (Esses); group competition and conflict (Esses); immigration (Esses); moral judgment (Olson); prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination (Esses); reactions to stigmatization and threatened social identities (Esses, Norman); social justice (Olson); and values (Esses, Olson).

(c) Attitudes and Social Cognition which includes research on attitudes (Fisher, Olson); cognitive consistency (Olson); counterfactual thinking (Olson); and person perception (Campbell).

Personality Psychology provides the graduate program in psychology with a strong theoretical and applied orientation by offering training in both the theory and measurement of individual differences.

The curriculum emphasizes the integration of sound measurement principles and substantive psychological research. Faculty members have widely-varying areas of expertise and offer courses in both personality (e.g., personality theory, personality assessment, person perception, intelligence, evolutionary issues) and measurement (e.g., statistics and research design, factor analysis and multidimensional scaling, psychometric theory and test construction, computer-assisted test interpretation, structured equation modeling, cognitive psychometrics).

Faculty in this cluster include: Dr. Rachel Calogero, Dr. Lorne Campbell, Dr. Victoria M. Esses, Dr. William A. Fisher, Dr. Erin Heerey, Dr. Ross Norman, Dr. James M. OlsonDr. Don Saklofske, Dr. Paul Tremblay, Dr. Lynne Zarbatany

Social Program Requirements

Personality and Measurement Program Requirements