International Students

The Psychology Department will have very limited scholarships for international graduate students in 2018. Please confer with your prospective advisor(s) prior to applying to our program for more information.

In general, we require that applicants for graduate work in Psychology have an academic background regarded as equivalent to a four-year honours bachelor's degree in Psychology. We realize that undergraduate programs offered in universities outside Canada may vary from our own. As a guideline, we suggest that an applicant should have completed ten full-year courses in Psychology. Well-rounded undergraduate training in Psychology is favoured.

International students who are selected for admission to a Master's or Doctoral program may enter Canada either as a Landed Immigrant or on a Study Permit. Most international students will enter Canada on a Study Permit and certain restrictions do apply. For example, students on a Study Permit may apply for an Ontario Graduate Scholarship, worth $5,000.00 per term, or $15,000.00 per annum.

Prospective international applicants whose first language is not English need to submit proof of English proficiency.  Please visit this section of our application procedure for more information.

International students should be aware that the tuition fees for students with Study Permits are considerably higher than those for Canadian citizens or Landed Immigrants. For 2013-2014, the tuition and fees for the entire year (three terms) will be about $8100 for Canadian citizens and Landed Immigrants and about $19,000 for students with Study Permits, including UHIP. The mandatory University Health Insurance Plan (UHIP) is assessed, on a per term basis, to all International Students. Currently the UHIP fee is $228.00 per term and the three term per year total is $684.00. See below for information about funding for international students.