Honors Specialization BA / Ivey BA Honors Business Administration

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Combined Ivey–Psychology Program

Purpose:  The combined Psychology-Ivey program allows students to complete all the requirements of the Honors BA in Psychology and the Honors Business Administration degree in a 5-year time frame.  The training provided by the HBA program prepares students graduating with a HSP in Psychology to compete for professional careers in the administration of agencies that provide mental health and social services, or alternatively, enhances their preparation for graduate training in business related fields of Psychology (e.g., Industrial/Organizational Psychology).

FIRST YEAR Requirements:
To be eligible for admission to the Honors Specialization in Psychology program-BA, students must complete 5.0 first-year courses by May 1, with no failures, and must have an average of at least 75% in 3.0 principal courses, with no mark in these principal courses below 60% (however, because this is a competitive program, the cut-off average is usually above the minimum of 75%).  2.0 of the principal courses must include the Psychology and Mathematics courses listed below.  The 1.0 additional principal course will be any course, other than Psychology or Mathematics, in which the student receives the highest final mark.

1.0 course from:  Psychology 1000 (or the former 1200)
1.0 course from:  Calculus 1000A/B, 1100A/B, 1301A/B, 1500A/B, 1501A/B or the former 1201A/B, the former Linear Algebra 1600A/B, Mathematics 0110A/B, 1225A/B, 1228A/B, 1229A/B, 1600A/B, Applied Mathematics 1201A/B, Statistical Sciences 1024A/B.  If Mathematics 0110A/B is selected, then either Statistical Sciences 1024A/B or Mathematics 1228A/B must be taken.  Mathematics 1228A/B and Statistical Sciences 1024A/B is the recommended combination.

1.    Psych 1000 (or the former 1200)      
2.    Mathematics                      
3.    Option                              
4.    Option
5.    Option

Module Requirements:

2.0 courses:  Psychology 2800E and 2810 (must be taken prior to all 3000+ level courses)
0.5 course from:  Psychology 2100-2299 series.
0.5 course from:  Psychology 2300-2799 series.
1.0 course from:  Business Administration 2257
8.0 courses from: Business Administration 3300K, 3301K, 3302K, 3303K, 3304K, 3307K, 3311K, 3316K, 3321K, 3322K, 3323K
0.5 course:  Psychology 3800F/G (must be taken prior to Thesis Course)
0.5 Research course from: Psychology 3184F/G, 3185F/G, 3285F/G, 3480F/G, 3485F/G, 3580F/G, 3780F/G, 3840F/G (must be taken prior to Thesis Course)
0.5 course from:  Psychology 3100-3299 (exclud. Research courses above)
0.5 course from:  Psychology 3300-3799 (exclud. Research courses above)
1.0 course from:  Psychology 2000-3999 (exclud. Research courses above)
1.0 course from:  Business Administration 4410 or 4430
0.5 course from:  Business Administration 4521, 4522, or 4523
0.5 course:  Business Administration 4505
1.0 course from:  Psychology 3000-4999 (exclud. Research courses above)
0.5 course from:  Psychology 4000-4995
0.5 course from:  Psychology 2100-4999
1.0 course: Psychology 4850E
3.0 courses from:  Business Administration Electives

CAUTION:  If you are fulfilling your 2nd year Statistics requirement in the Psychology Hon. Spec. B.A. module with a 2nd year Statistics course taught in another department that is antirequisite to Psychology 2810 (Statistics for Psychology), then you MUST replace it with 1.0 credits in Psychology courses numbered 2100 and above.  You need 9.0 2nd year and above Psychology courses for the Psychology Hon. Spec B.A.Subsidiary Courses: 3.0 Non-Psychology and Non-Bus.Admin. coursesProgression Requirements: Students who are enrolled in a Psychology Honors Specialization module must maintain a minimum modular average of 75% with no mark below 60% to progress in the module.Late Entrance Requirements: Students who wish to enter this Psych. Hon. Specialization BA module after Years 2 or 3 must have a minimum cumulative average of 75% or cumulative in their last 10.0 courses of 75%, with no mark below 60%.  However, because this is a competitive program, the cut-off entry average is usually above the minimum of 75%.

YEAR 2, 3 4, and 5

6.    Psych 2800
7.    Psych 2810
8.    Psy 2100-2299 / Psy 2300-2799
9.    Bus. Admin. 2257
10.    Option
11.    Bus.Admin 3300K-3323K  (K = 0.75 credit)
12.    Bus.Admin 3300K-3323K (0.75 credit)
13.    Bus.Admin 3300K-3323K (0.75 credit)
14.    Bus.Admin 3300K-3323K (0.75 credit)
15.    Bus.Admin 3300K-3323K (0.75 credit)
16.    Bus.Admin 3300K-3323K (0.75 credit)
17.    Bus.Admin 3300K-3323K (0.75 credit)
18.    Bus.Admin 3300K-3323K (0.75 credit)

19.    Psych 3800F/G / Psych “Res. In”
20.    Psy 3100-3299  / Psy 3300-3799  
21.    Psych 2000-3999
22.    Bus.Admin. 4410 or 4430
23.    Bus.Admin. 4505 / plus 4521,4522 or 4523
24.    Bus.Admin. Elective

25.    Psych 4850E               
26.    Psych 3000-4999                    
27.    Psy 4000-4995 /  Psy 2100-4999  
28.    Bus.Admin. Elective
29.    Bus.Admin. Elective

You are responsible for the accuracy and completeness of your program.

NOTE:  If taking more than 10.0 courses in Psychology (including the first year Psych 1000), students need to consider the impact this may have on their other module.

NOTE:  The Honors programs in Psychology have limited enrolment.  In cases where the number of applicants exceeds the number of available spaces, entry into the program will be competitive; students who meet the minimum requirements may be refused admission.

Please note that this is the Psychology component of your degree only.  For information on complete degree requirements, visit:   http://counselling.ssc.uwo.ca/builddegree/checklists.asp 

All degrees require 1.0 Social Science course (A), 1.0 Arts & Humanities course (B), 1.0 Science course (C) and 2.0 essay courses.