Thesis Information Session Presentation

Honors Thesis Option 2018/19

Co-coordinators:  Scott MacDougall-Shackleton Ingrid Johnsrude

Psychology 4850, 4851, 4852

  • Full year, 1.0 credits
  • Must be registered in final year of Honors Specialization in Psychology or Developmental Cognitive Neuroscience
  • independent research project under supervision of a faculty member (perhaps cosupervised by postdoctoral fellow or senior graduate student).
  • appropriate for those who want experience with Why do you want such experience?
  • Warning – Not for Requires extensive commitment to research, discipline and self-direction.


What is Involved?

  • Find a supervisor (Two-step process –we’ll come back to this!)
  • Plan project with supervisor (summer/early fall)
  • Write thesis proposal including ethics application for the research (Sept – Oct)
  • Present proposal to classmates + seminar coordinator (Oct- Nov)
  • Recruit volunteers, conduct research and analyze data (Nov - Feb)
  • Write up thesis (Sept-March)
  • Poster presentation (late March)


Finding a Supervisor

  • Instructions will be posted at html
  • Application form will be posted in late Jan; deadline late Feb
  • Between late Feb and late March, you apply to (and possibly meet with) potential supervisors (Application form deadline:
  • You submit your ranked list of preferred supervisors in late March.
  • Matching is done as soon as we’ve heard from all supervisors, and you will be told the outcome as soon as possible – by late April at the latest
  • Read the faculty websites
  • Know what a professor works on, but it’s okay to not know what that is! You may want to obtain (and read) some papers from labs that interest
  • You don’t have to have a project pl Keep an open mind – don’t just pursue your existing interests. Maybe consider a new one…
  • Contact more than one professor. You may well not get your first choice (or your second).
  • Point of the exercise is to gain research experi Topic is secondary.

Admission to thesis course

You will hear sometime at the end of April who your thesis supervisor will be, via e-mail. Note that this does not guarantee that you are eligible to take the Honors thesis course.

Eligibility will be determined by the Undergraduate office, and communicated to you via email in late May.

Thesis Course Evaluation criteria

  • Thesis proposal
  • Class presentation
  • Poster presentation (visual and spoken)
  • Written thesis (evaluated by supervisor and second reader)
  • Participation and engagement