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Honors Thesis Information Session

1. What does an honors psych thesis consist of?

2. What is involved in the honors thesis course?

3. Who can serve as a supervisor?

4. How do you obtain a supervisor?
1.    What does an honors psych thesis consist of?

A major undergraduate research project
Empirical - involves data
Not purely Theoretical or Review paper
Student has role in various aspects
Some projects are not suitable!

Start    Your Thesis in Sept. 2017 …..    and then, 8 months later (early April) – Hand in Written Thesis
Marked by Supervisor & 2nd Reader

Ensure your project can be completed in the time available!
    Type of    Research & Participants
    Ethics Reviews can take considerable time.
2.    What is involved in the honors thesis course?

1a. Ethics Approval for Your Project – NMREB or HSREB
1b. Ethics confirmation Form for Your Project    -    October
2. Thesis Introduction: Talk    -    November
3. Thesis Introduction:    Written Paper - December
4. Thesis Method: Talk    - January
5. Thesis Method    Written Paper – February
6. Poster Presentation    - early April (Supervisor & 2nd Reader)
7. Written Thesis – early April    (Supervisor & 2nd Reader)

3. Who can serve as an Honors Thesis Supervisor?
Eligible Supervisors

1) All Full-time Faculty members in the UWO Psychology Department

Listed on the Psychology    Department Website along with their Research Interests

Potentially Eligible Supervisors also include

2) Cross-appointed and Research Adjunct Faculty in the UWO Psychology Department that hold full-time faculty appointments in other parts of the university, including

Business School, Communicative Sciences & Disorders, DAN Management & Organizational Studies, Psychiatry, Education, Brescia, & Huron

Also listed on Psych Department website with contact info

Potentially Eligible Supervisors also include

3) Some Ph.D. level psychology faculty members in affiliated university-colleges    (Brescia, Huron, & Kings).

4) Some Ph.D. level psychologists working in various applied settings in London…    e.g., LHSC – University Hospital

Co- Supervisors - Post-docs & Senior Ph.D. level Graduate Students in Psychology    (Supervised by a full-time faculty member in Psychology) Listed on Psychology Department Website
4. How do you obtain an honors thesis supervisor?
It is your responsibility to find a supervisor Obtain a thesis supervisor now for next year

Start with Full-time Faculty in the UWO Dept of Psychology
Read about their Research Interests (Psych Dept website)

Be prepared before you contact or meet with a faculty member!

Prepare to obtain an honors thesis supervisor
    List in rank order the top 3 areas of psychology are you interested in doing a thesis project in (Clinical, Developmental, Social, Cognitive, etc.,)
    For your top research area review the research interests of relevant faculty members (on the Psychology website). Be aware of their research before you email them!
    Think about a couple of possible thesis research questions or issues that extend from their research and could perhaps form an honors thesis project.

Obtaining an honors thesis supervisor
    E-mail potential thesis supervisors (1 -3) to ask for a meeting to discuss possible honors thesis supervision in 2017-18

    Give them a bit of academic background about yourself (e.g., psychology courses taken & grades)

    Include a bit of info on the type of research you are interested in doing for an honors thesis

Obtaining an honors thesis supervisor
    Find out if they have a project that you can become involved in for your honors thesis (e.g., one part of an ongoing project)
    Find out if they have a post-doc or senior PhD. student that might be available to co-supervise your honors thesis

    Special requirements for supervisors in Psych 4851 – NSERC
    Special requirements for thesis project & supervisor in Psych 4852 – in DCN & need approval of DCN coordinator
Poster Sessions are in late March or early April
You’re Invited to: Thesis Poster Sessions Mar 31/17

Friday    9:30am to 3:20pm    SSC, 7th Floor    A/B Elevators
1.    Six 50 minute Sessions, starting at 9:30am
2.    12 New Posters in each Session

1.    See range of projects suitable for an honors thesis
2.    Gives you examples of posters
3.    Talk with current students about their experiences

For Questions about Course Registration please contact:
Ramona Fudge: psycouns@uwo
Psychology Undergraduate Counselling Rm 7402 SSC

For Questions about Thesis Supervisors & Projects contact: Dr. Nick Kuiper Honors Psychology Thesis Coordinator  kuiper@uwo.ca     Rm 309E Westminster Hall