Introducing a broad metatheory of behavior: 

Initial tests in the domains of intimate partner violence and overeating


Date:  March  25, 2011


Location:  3M Centre, Room 3250

Time:  3:00 pm - 4:00 pm

                                                    (Please join us after the talk for light refreshments.)                                           










Dr. Eli Finkel

Northwestern University

Department of Psychology



This talk introduces a novel metatheory, I3 Theory (pronounced “I-Cubed Theory”), to impose theoretical coherence on the various predictors of behavior.  It then presents two lines of research designed to test the metatheory.  The first line examines intimate partner violence, investigating predictors such as provocation, dispositional anger, and executive control (Stroop performance).  The second line examines overeating, investigating predictors such as social anchoring, hedonic habituation rate, and depletion.  Results from all studies demonstrate that the propensity to enact a given behavior (e.g., violence or externally triggered overeating) is strongest when the three processes implied by I3 Theory-Instigation, Impellance, and (low) Inhibition – are present than when even one of them is absent.  In short, these three processes appear to be both necessary and sufficient to account for behavior across a broad spectrum of domains and contexts.

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