Standing Appointments Eligibility and Criteria

Appointments Article, Clause 18, Faculty Collective Agreement outlines the eligibility for Standing Appointment and the process and criteria for assessment for the purposes of determining whether a Member’s record of performance is “sufficiently strong” to warrant Standing Appointment.

Eligibility for Standing Appointment

18. For each half course taught within a Unit in at least seven Fiscal Years of a contiguous ten Fiscal Year period under a Limited Duties Appointment, a faculty member is eligible to be considered for a Standing Appointment equivalent to a half course. Courses under a Standing Appointment for which severance under Clause 18.10 of this Article has been paid shall not be included in this calculation.  

18.1 Each February, the Appointments Committee in each unit shall ascertain those faculty who are eligible for consideration for a Standing Appointment in accordance with Clause 18.  The Appointments Committee shall review the record of performance of those eligible, and shall determine whether the faculty member has sustained a record of performance in teaching that is sufficiently strong to warrant a Standing Appointment. The Committee shall provide its determination to the Dean, together with the record of performance, and to the faculty member. The Dean shall either accept or reject the Committee’s determination and recommendation and shall so inform the Committee and the faculty member. Where the Dean accepts a recommendation for a Standing Appointment, the Appointment shall be effective on May 1.
18.2 In the year in which a Member becomes eligible for a Standing Appointment, the Member shall submit a Teaching Dossier, as soon as possible after February 15 and no later than March 1. It is the Member's responsibility to provide in the Teaching Dossier sufficient detail of activities and their outcomes to enable the Appointment Committee to assess the Member's performance. In the absence of a Teaching Dossier, the Official File and Annual Performance Evaluation scores will be utilized. A Member may be denied a Standing Appointment if the record is insufficient to enable a proper assessment.

18.2.1 The Teaching Dossier shall include the following information (organized by section):
a) List of courses taught in the last 10 years
b) Syllabi for the four most recently taught courses
c) Colleague evaluation of grading practices (optional)
d) Colleague summary of student comments (optional)
e) Peer Evaluations (optional)
f) Summary of Overall Effectiveness ratings from the Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching (required)
g) Written comments from Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching (optional)
h) Teaching Philosophy
i) Teaching Innovations
j) Professional Development
   i) Professional affiliations (optional)
   ii) Teaching Support Centre Courses/Workshops
   iii) Professional certifications (if required by accreditation bodies)
   iv) Relevant research and publications (optional)
   v) Scholarship of Teaching and Learning (optional)
k) Educational Leadership (optional)
l) Other Evidence of Teaching Effectiveness (which may include any material deemed by the candidate to be relevant to the work of Teaching).

18.2.2  The Unit’s Appointments Committee shall assess whether the Member has sustained a sufficiently strong record of Teaching to warrant a Standing Appointment. In making this assessment, the Unit Appointments Committee shall consider the extent to which the member’s record demonstrates:
a) Accomplishments and strengths in teaching;
b) Commitment to teaching and professionalism;
c) Excellent communication skills;
d) Curriculum and course design and delivery skills;
e) Self-evaluation and reflective practice;
f) The candidate's ability to function well as part of a teaching team, or in the context of multi-sectioned courses.

18.2.3 In assessing data from Student Questionnaires on Courses and Teaching, the Unit Appointments Committee shall take into account the possibility that student evaluations of a Member may be biased. In making its assessment the Unit’s Appointments Committee shall include consideration of a Member’s submission in the Teaching Dossier that speaks to accomplishments in Teaching beyond student responses to questionnaires and/or factors that may bias such student responses.”