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The Social Psychology Area at the University of Western Ontario is investigating the behaviour of individuals and groups in social contexts. At the present time, research in the Social Psychology Area is focusing on three major themes:

(a) Close Relationships, Health Behaviours and Sexual Behaviour, which includes research on evolutionary foundations of mate selection (Campbell); interpersonal perception and behaviour in relationships (Campbell); romantic relationships and attachment (Campbell); sexual behaviour (Fisher); and the social psychology of health behaviour(Fisher).

(b) Intergroup Relations and Social Justice, which includes research on dehumanization (Esses); ethnic relations (Esses); group competition and conflict (Esses); immigration (Esses); moral judgment (Olson); prejudice, stereotyping, and discrimination (Esses); reactions to stigmatization and threatened social identities (Esses, Norman); social justice (Olson); and values (Esses, Olson).

(c) Attitudes and Social Cognition which includes research on attitudes (Fisher, Olson); cognitive consistency (Olson); counterfactual thinking (Olson); and person perception (Campbell).

Social Program Requirements