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Cognition Program

Cognitive Psychology, or Cognition, is the study of how people perceive, learn, and use information. It includes topics such as language processing, concepts and categorization, memory, attention, problem solving, and reasoning. In the Psychology department at UWO, the Cognition area’s major strength is language processing, boasting the largest group of researchers in Canada working in this area. Further, this group of researchers is now formally recognized as the Language and Concepts Research Group. Specific research topics of faculty and graduate students include visual word recognition, word meaning, figurative language, sentence comprehension, bilingualism, language development, concepts and categorization, and autobiographical memory. Our program emphasizes theoretically-driven research that includes both behavioral approaches and cutting-edge techniques such as computational modeling, event-related potentials (ERPs), eyetracking and neuroimaging.


Cognition Program Requirements

Language and Concepts Research Group