Practicum and Internship Requirements

• Prior to obtaining the Ph.D degree, a student must complete a full-year (2000-hour), full-time internship at a CPA  accredited internship training facility (or equivalent); as well as a minimum of 600 practicum hours (as per CPA criteria) in our program, prior to applying for internship.

• To be considered for internships, however, data from our recent internship applicants suggests that students should aim to acquire significantly more than the 600 hour CPA minimum.  That is, by the time they apply in November of the year preceding their anticipated internships, students should have logged an overall total of at least 1100 practicum hours, of which at least 300 should be direct clinical contact hours.

• Follow this link for further information regarding clinical practica.

• Follow this link for further information regarding Pre-Doctoral Internships.