Committees and Membership

Clinical Adjunct Advisory Committee
David Dozois (Clinical Program Director)
Leora Swartzman, Chair of Committee (Clinical Practicum Co-ordinator)
Rod Balsom (Clinical Adjunct Faculty Representative)
Danielle Cataudella (Clinical Adjunct Faculty Representative)
Esther Goldberg (Clinical Adjunct Faculty Representative)
Christian Hahn (Clinical Graduate Student Representative)

Clinical Student Advisory Committee
David Dozois (Clinical Program Director)
Dan Machado
Adam Newton
Sarah Ouellette
Matthew Vandermeer

Ph.D. Comprehensive Examination Committee
Graham Reid (Chair)
Accreditation and Professional Issues Committee
David Dozois (Chair)
Nick Kuiper (Core Faculty Representative)
Yuliya Kotelnikova (Clinical Graduate Student Representative)

Clinical Program Graduate Admissions Committee
David Dozois (Chair)
Plus any Core Faculty considering accepting new students

Clinical Program Test Library Committee
Elizabeth Hayden (Chair)
Jim Neufeld (Core Faculty Representative)
Matthew Vandermeer (Clinical Graduate Student Representative)

Clinical Curriculum Committee
Graham Reid (Chair)
Leora Swartzman (Core Faculty Representative)
Rod Balsom (Adjunct Clinical Faculty Representative)
Sarah Ouellette (Clinical Graduate Student Representative)