Kasey Stanton

Dr. Kasey Stanton

Clinical Science and Psychopathology

Email: kstanto2@uwo.ca
Office: WH 323E
Tel: 519-661-2111 ext. 84596
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Biographical Information

PhD, University of Notre Dame, 2018
MA, University of Notre Dame, 2014
BS, Montana State University Billings, 2012

Selected Publications

Stanton, K., McArtor, D. B., & Watson, D. (2018). Parsing the hypomanic personality: Explicating the nature of specific dimensions defining mania risk. Assessment. Advance online publication.

Stanton, K., & Zimmerman, M. (2018). Clinician ratings of vulnerable and grandiose narcissistic features: Implications for an expanded narcissistic personality disorder diagnosis. Personality Disorders: Theory, Research, and Treatment, 9, 263-272.

Stanton, K., Gruber, J. & Watson, D. (2017). Basic dimensions defining mania risk: A structural approach. Psychological Assessment, 29, 304-319.

Stanton, K., Rozek, D. C., Ellickson-Larew, S., Stasik-O’Brien, S. M., & Watson, D. (2016). A transdiagnostic approach to examining the incremental predictive power of emotion regulation and basic personality dimensions. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 125, 960-975.

Watson, D., Stasik, S. M., Ellickson-Larew, S., & Stanton, K. (2015). Extraversion and psychopathology: A facet-level analysis. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 124, 432-446.


I am interested in research aimed at improving the assessment and diagnosis of a range of psychopathology, with a focus on hypomania/mania and externalizing forms of psychopathology (e.g., narcissism, psychopathy).  Related to this, my work focuses on identifying how personality and mood dimensions are interrelated with psychological symptoms.  This includes an emphasis on examining the degree to which various externalizing psychopathology traits (e.g., social boldness) are adaptive versus maladaptive across different contexts.  Please see the website at the following link for additional information regarding Dr. Stanton’s lab, current areas of research, and approach to mentoring: https://kaseyjstanton.wixsite.com/stantonlab