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Personality and Measurement Program Requirements

Personality-Measurement Area Guidelines for M.Sc. and Ph.D. Course Enrollment

Students in the Personality-Measurement area must successfully complete certain graduate courses offered by the department. The minimum number of courses is (a) four half courses for the M.Sc., and (b) four half courses for the Ph.D. As described below, certain courses are mandatory.

M.Sc. Students
M.Sc. students are required to take the following courses, as a minimum, over the two years of their program.
(a) The Research Design course 9540, listed under Fundamental Measurement Courses. This is a full-year course that counts as two half courses. Note that 9540 must be taken in the first M.Sc. year, and the two measurement courses 9040A/B and 9041A/B cannot be taken concurrently with 9540.

(b) Two additional half courses, to be approved by the supervisor. Although these courses can be in any content area, courses in personality-measurement are strongly recommended. Students can take more than the minimum number of courses over the two years of the M.Sc. program. The additional courses will normally be counted towards their Ph.D. course requirements.

Ph.D. Students
Students must take four half courses (minimum) by their second Ph.D. year, with at least two half courses taken by the end of their first Ph.D. year. At least two of the four courses must come from the list of Advanced Measurement Courses. Although the other two courses can be in any content area, measurement-oriented courses are strongly recommended (see Selected Graduate Courses list below). Additional courses beyond the four-course minimum are encouraged. The course selection must be done in consultation with the supervisor. Note that not all courses are offered every year.

Selected Graduate Courses

Fundamental Measurement Courses:

Psychology 9540 Research Design (full-year course)
Psychology 9040A/B Scientific Computing
Psychology 9041A/B Introduction to Statistics Using R

Advanced Measurement Courses:

Psychology 9343A/B Mathematical Modeling of Group & Individual Differences
Psychology 9542A/B Multilevel Modeling (MLM)
Psychology 9545A/B Test Construction and Survey Design
Psychology 9550A/B Multivariate Analysis
Psychology 9555A/B Structural Equation Modeling
Psychology 9556A/B Longitudinal Analysis
Psychology 95xxA/B Meta Analysis

Measurement-Related Courses:
Psychology 9223A/B Neuroimaging of Cognition
Psychology 9520A/B Computational Models in Psychology and Neuroscience
Psychology 9631A/B Research Methods in I/O Psychology
Psychology 9702A/B Research Methods in Social Psychology