Cognition Program Requirements

Cognition graduate training program requirements

In addition to degree requirements set out by the Psychology department, the Cognition and Perception also sets out the following requirements for degree completion:

M.Sc. requirements
• In addition to the departmental statistics requirement, students are required to complete a total of three substantive half courses, as approved by the supervisor and area chair.

• Students should enroll in either Psy 9100 (Fundamental Issues in Cognition/Perception) or Psy 9101 (Language and Concepts) prior to completing their MSc degree, and are strongly encouraged to have taken
both these courses by the end of their Ph.D. 2 year.

Ph.D. requirements
• The comprehensive examination should be completed during the first year of Ph.D. study. A reading list to help students prepare for the examination is provided at the start of the Ph.D. 1 year. The examination is typically completed in the summer following the Ph.D. 1 year, and is administered in two parts: Part 1 is a 3-hour written examination requiring the student to provide 1-2 paragraph definitions for a set of terms relevant to the field of Cognition and Perception. Part 2 consists of writing three 10-page essays in the course of two weeks in response to questions provided by the area.

• In the PhD. 2 year, and once the two stages written comprehensive examinations have been completed successfully, students will conduct a research project with a faculty member other than their primary supervisor. The goal is to allow the student to gain knowledge and conduct research in an area of research that is not their primary topic of study. When the project is complete, the student will write a report in the form of a research article. Any faculty member in Psychology is appropriate; with special permission from the area chair, students may also complete the independent study with a faculty member who is not a member of the Psychology department.

• Once the written comprehensive exams and the independent study are complete, the supervisor will inform the graduate office that the student has passed all the components of the exam and the graduate office will update the student's transcript to reflect the successful completion of this milestone.