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Dr. Rod Martin
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Research Activities


In general terms, my research interests have to do with the relationship between psychosocial stress and both physical and psychological health, and with personality variables and coping strategies that moderate this relationship. In recent years, my main research focus has been on the psychology of humour. One line of research has to do with the conceptualization and measurement of sense of humour as a personality trait, and the ways in which it relates to other personality dimensions. A related topic of research interest has to do with ways in which humour and laughter may serve as mechanisms for regulating affect or coping with stress, and their impact on mental and physical health. In this regard, I am interested also in distinguishing individual styles of humour that may be adaptive and conducive to mental and physical health from other styles of humour that may be maladaptive and health impairing.

I have recently published a book entitled "The psychology of humor: An integrative approach." It provides an in-depth review of humour research in each of the major areas of psychology (cognitive, social, biological, personality, development), as well as the role of humour and laughter in mental and physical health, and applications of humour in psychotherapy, education, and the workplace. More information about this book is available at:


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