Industrial/Organizational Psychology Brownbag Series

Talks are from 11:00 a.m.-12:00 p.m. unless otherwise indicated.



Room #

Nov. 10 Kevin Doyle - "Examining Rating Source Differences in Narrative Performance Feedback" SSC 5220
Nov. 24 Kyle Cameron and Dr. Natalie Allen - "Surface/deep diversity: does time matter?" SSC 5220
Dec. 1 Natasha Ouslis and Alex McGregor - title of talks TBD SSC 5220
Jan. 26 Dr. Tracey Adams is a professor and the chair of Sociology here at Western and she specializes in the sociology of work, occupations and professions, and social inequality. The title of her talk is "Women in Engineering: A preliminary look at experiences of discrimination across age cohort." SSC 5220
Feb. 2 Dr. Kibeom Lee is an I/O Psych professor at the University of Calgary and he is also an alumni of our I/O Psych program. He is the I/O speaker for the Psychology Colloquium series this year and he will be speaking about Dr. Mike Ashton's and his work on the HEXACO model of personality. SSC 5220
Feb. 16 Dr. Alex Benson is our newest I/O Psych faculty member and he will be giving a talk on integrating experimental, correlation, and qualitative methods into a program of research. Furthermore, he will be discussing the issues related to qualitative research and how it intersects with theory-building and other methodologies. SSC 5220
Mar. 2 Noelle Baird (MSc1) & Trevor Coppins (MSc1) will be presenting their Honours thesis projects that they completed last year or their plans for their Master's theses SSC 5230
Mar. 9 Jose Espinoza (PhD2; topic TBD) SSC 5220
Mar. 16 Chelsea Vaters (PhD3; topic TBD) SSC 5220
Apr. 6 Chloe Cragg (MSc2) and Evan Kwan (MSc1) will be discussing their Master's theses. SSC 5220
Apr. 13 Dr. David Anderson is tentatively scheduled for April 13. Dr. Anderson is the founder and CEO of The Anderson Governance Group and The Anderson Leadership Group-  two consulting firms located in Toronto.  SSC 5220