Volunteer Research Position

Current Available Positions:


The Transdiagnostic Approaches to Psychopathology and Personality (TRAPP) Lab is recruiting undergraduate volunteers for the 2018-2019 Academic Year.  Commitment for at least the entire 2018-2019 Academic Year is required, with longer commitments being preferred for non-senior volunteers.  The lab focuses on the study and assessment of bipolar disorder, narcissism, psychopathy, and other disorders.  We also are interested in how personality traits may put people at risk for experiencing different psychological symptoms and disorders.  Volunteers would receive training on how to conduct diagnostic interviews, would advance their knowledge of personality traits and many different psychological disorders, and would be encouraged to conduct independent research projects.  Please contact Kasey Stanton at kaseyjstanton@gmail.com  for more information, and see the lab website at https://kaseyjstanton.wixsite.com/stantonlab

Position title: Research Assistant

Volunteer Description:

The Mood Lab is looking for students to join our Research Assistant Team for the summer (with the option of extending the position into the fall 2018 semester). The Mood Lab is conducting the Western Mood Study, a study examining cognition, inflammation, and stress in a clinical sample of individuals with depression. Volunteers are needed to help with recruitment of participants, booking participants, assisting with a stress task, data entry, and running participants through the study. Running participants involves meeting participants in the lab, providing instructions, answering participants’ questions, collecting saliva samples, and debriefing participants.

No previous Research Assistant experience necessary, just a willingness to learn.


  • Committed to volunteering 10 hours per week
  • Must be available for summer 2018 term
  • Reliable and dependable
  • Desire to learn and develop new skills
  • Good organization and time-management skills
  • Good verbal and written communication skills
  • Able to work independently as well as part of a team
  • Basic computer skills such as Microsoft Office

To apply, please send an email with a short description of why you want to join the Mood Lab, and attach a resume/CV, an unofficial transcript, and a copy of your weekly availability to Katerina Rnic at krnic@uwo.ca

Volunteer Research Assistant for graduate student in Lorne Campbell’s Lab

Role: The position will primarily involve running an in-lab study but may also involve conducting literature searches and other miscellaneous tasks. The research focuses on changes in ideal romantic partner standards, individuals' experiences on online dating websites, and perceptions of one's value as a romantic partner.

Time commitment: 10 hours per week

Application Deadline: ASAP (applicants before February 1st, 2018 given priority)

Please contact Nicolyn Charlot (graduate student), ncharlot@uwo.ca

Volunteer Research Assistant for Love Lab

Role: We are currently recruiting research assistants for various projects related to romantic relationships, however tasks may include participant recruitment, running participants in lab, coding participant responses, and setting up surveys using Qualtrics.

Time commitment: 5 hours per week

Application Deadline: ASAP

Please contact lab manager Jenney Zhu: jzhu282@uwo.ca 


Role: Dr. Blake Butler is looking to sponsor a student through the NSERC USRA program (http://www.nserc-crsng.gc.ca/Students-Etudiants/UG-PC/USRA-BRPC_eng.asp)  to work in the Cerebral Systems Lab here at Western. Interested students should consult the NSERC website to evaluate their eligibility. Past students who have taken part in this program have gained excellent hands-on experience and have been given priority access to undergraduate thesis programs within the lab.

Application Process: Please contact Dr. Blake Bulter: bbutler9@uwo.ca